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Nov 27

Just ADD Sound w/feat Poet Tantra-zawadi and guest Percussionist Jimmy Lopez 20Nov2014

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What is sound?  sound/noun

Vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear.

For the 3rd edition of Just ADD Sound our goal was to entice you, excite you and stimulate you with vibrations traveling from the hearts and spirits of those who have chosen to share their ART with us in a variety of formats.

As will all things live, the November 20, 2014 show took on a personality of its own. In the studio we had our featured poet Tantra Zawadi, who performed some incredibly deep and stirring pieces for us, special guest, Percussionist Jimmy Lopez, founder of Soulful Cypher, Wyse Rodriguez and Soulful Cypher’s resident DJ, Saint Sanchez and Visual Artist Warren Bryant. Co-producer and resident DJ, Soul opened up the show with JAS’ adopted theme song, Love De-Luxe – Here Comes That Sound Again (Extended Mix – Long Version).

In between music, live percussions, live poetry and the interview, we slipped in a few pieces we wanted to share with our audience.

Carlos Andrés Gómez – Everything

Carlos Andrés Gómez is an award-winning poet, actor, speaker, and writer from New York City. He is the author of the coming-of-age memoir Man Up: Reimagining Modern Manhood, released by Gotham Books, an imprint of Penguin.  Nominated for the Pushcart Prize and named Artist of the Year at the 2009 Promoting Outstanding Writers Awards, he costarred in Spike Lee’s #1 movie Inside Man with Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, and Clive Owen.  He appeared in the sixth season of HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry and, most recently, in the third season of TV One’s Verses and Flow.  He has headlined festivals all over the world, including Indonesia, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Canada, the U.K., and as Guest of Honor at the Berlin International Literature Festival in Germany.



ReadNex Poetry Squad -  Be Dif’Rent

ReadNex Reborn. Embracing the eternal tradition of conveying knowledge orally, audiences nationally and around the globe have been captivated and moved by the anti–apathetic stance of the group comprised of four spoken word poets/emcees and one D.J. Through the art of writing and the power of music, esteemed lyrical scholars Decora, FreeFlowin, Jarabe Del Sol, Latin Translator and DJ H20 continue to uplift urban communities with their universal message and sound influenced by Hip-Hop, Soul, Latin and Caribbean music.

Facebook Page:


Daydreamin’ – Jill Scott

Miss Jill Scott was born on April 4, 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and raised as an only child by her mother and grandmother. She discovered the poetry of Nikki Giovanni in the 8th grade and was majorly inspired by her work, with Scott later enjoying writers like Octavia Butler and J. California Cooper as well. She also developed a passion for music and singing, taking to certain jazz and soul greats and learning the craft largely on her own.

Scott worked as a poet and attended Temple University with the intention of becoming a teacher, but left school to take up a drama apprenticeship.


Una mas trio feat. Bajka-clear as water (hidden jazz quartett remix)

Bajka Pluwatsch, also known by her mononym and stage name Bajka, was born in India and raised in Portugal and South Africa. She is a poet, singer, producer, and songwriter. “Bajka” in Polish language means “fairy tale”.

Bajka studied music in Prague. Her relationship with Asia remains the main theme of her poetry. She has performed spoken word poetry on several projects, including Bonobo and Radio Citizen, her latest solo record is called Bajka in Wonderland. In recent years, her role has moved from poet to singer and composer as well as producer. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany.



Tantra blazed the mic with a live performances of her original pieces with Jimmy Lopez providing organic background percussions.  

About Jimmy Lopez

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, is the Ethno Global-Groove fusion Percussionist/Drummer Jimmy Lopez. A Specialist in world percussion instruments, combining global ethnic playing techniques along with his diverse drum & percussion palette, which has led him to be the percussionist of choice for many artists, & has collaborated & toured regularly with popular musicians & groups.  When not traveling, Jimmy is also a music educator in public schools for children & also generously shares his knowledge with fellow musicians.

“Currently Jimmy is the leader of his own musical projects “IndigeSoul”  ” World Sound Traveler” & “Jimmy. Lopez. Project”  (J. L .P), while continuing to collaborate with many artists in the industry.




“About TANTRA-zawadi”
By Jack Cooper – Production Editor, Poets Wear Prada

A work of love — what Tantra-zawadi makes — what she achieves through her art, envisioning, she says, the “unseen reality.” A sublime soulfulness suffuses it, pungent like incense, subtle sinuous trans-formation shape-shifts as a genie might, rustled by a reedless wind. Its sizzle-cymbaled syzygy unites that, familiarly met, we thought we knew — blindness preceding a first kiss, bittersweet after — with a mastery of mood, trilled to transcendence, encouraging independence, womanly presence and voice, to embrace experience alongside others.

Comprehensive her exploration, with an awareness 360 and beyond, Tantra addresses the world and its poetry — poet to poet, enjoined in the present, evolving, through media, traditional and new, in print and performance, on the internet and off: visualizing word for the page, spoken on stage or before the camera, shaped to accompaniment by music — never diminished. Hers is a responsibility taken on behalf of others. Whom Brooklyn began enlivens a world; Tantra the artist is now sought and received.




We attempted to keep to the official interview questions during the show. Luckily that the dimensions of the artist allowed for us to veer off course to add some impromptu questions, which Tantra graciously answered.

Here is the official interview with Tantra:

Just ADD Sound (JAS) Looking at the diversity of your artistic interests and passions, can you tell us how you got started as a poet? What lead you to take pen to paper and share your experiences?

Tantra Zawadi (TZ) It began in elementary school (third grade to be exact), when I won third place in a poetry contest sponsored by a local bank.  I loved to read from an early age, and poetry naturally resonated with me.  It was soul-stirring and cutting edge.  It had a unique rhythm, and touched upon sensitive subjects that folks were either unable or unwilling to speak of.  Theirs were voices of social awareness and insight that might otherwise have gone unheard.  Poetry that addressed cultural and social experiences in America that had a direct impact upon me and the black power babies in my community! I felt uplifted and inspired, so I took pen to paper and regularly began to write in my teens.  I never imagined that I would one day author a book of poetry, or meet some of my greatest poetic inspirations like Gil Scott-Heron, Abiodun Oyewole or Sonia Sanchez.  I didn’t see this coming at all.

Just ADD Sound (JAS) You’re involved in mentorship and advocacy through your art. What causes are most dear to you? Where do you find that your art has the greatest impact in reaching people?

Tantra Zawadi (TZ) I enjoy facilitating poetry workshops with young people, and also working with empowerment organizations like Girl-Child Network Worldwide (GCN) and The Senegal-America Project (SAP).  I am a mentor for GCN founded by human rights advocate/poet/author and director, Princess Muzvare Betty Makoni, and share my creativity to raise awareness about issues impacting women and girls.  Partial proceeds from my books go to GCN, and this past April, I received the honor of Pan African Princess by Princess Muzvare Betty Makoni and Princess Deun Adedoyin-Solarin (Chair, Board of Trustees/Official Spokesperson for GCN) at the official fundraising event in London.

The Senegal-America Project (an endeavor of global citizenship that brings people together through education, poetry, music and art), is also very dear to me.  I love working with SAP founders/musicians Tony Vacca and Massamba Diop, and all of the people that are a part of the SAP family.  Whether we are performing and teaching in Senegal or touring in America, we are connected!

 At the moment, I believe my art has the greatest reach through music.  Music transcends cultural differences and is something we all understand and vibe with.  I love receiving feedback from people around the world who listen to my house music collaborations who wouldn’t otherwise know my work.  I’ve been a house music supporter for many years, and am thrilled to be on board as an artist.  House music is one of my greatest passions! 


Just ADD Sound (JAS) Looking through your expansive discography, you’ve worked with incredible producers and artists. What was a dream come true for you? What artist has inspired you and influenced you to do something that you wouldn’t consider doing otherwise?

Tantra Zawadi (TZ) Working with Josh Milan on the Raw Honey Poets “Happy” project, was an unexpected gift.  He is easily one of the most influential and skillful artists in “house,” and most definitely on my list of “dream” producers to work with.  I have also been blessed to work with amazingly gifted producers like Groove Assassin, Jonny Montana and Djeff Afrozila (just to name a few), who believe in me.  I am so grateful for them all, and the supporters who keep house music alive.

Three artists that have inspired me to do something I wouldn’t consider otherwise are GCN founder and human rights advocate, Princess Muzvare Betty Makoni, poet/author/playwright Malika Ndlovu and singer/songwriter/artist Ernestine Deane.  Princess Muzvare Betty Makoni inspired me to do something different with my art.  She encouraged me to use my gifts in a mentoring capacity thereby allowing my life and creative experiences to serve as an inspiration to the girls of GCN.   I am proud of their outstanding and ongoing achievements.  Go girls!!

Malika Ndlovu (Badilisha Poetry X-Change Festival) and Ernestine Deane both inspired me to expand my vision to include global collaborations.  My journey to Cape Town, South Africa in 2009 as a participant in the Badilisha Poetry X-Change Festival (and where I spent time with Malika and Ernestine), was the beginning of an amazing journey into the possibilities of global collaborations.  When I returned stateside, I began working with several house music producers in South Africa and around the world.  These powerful women brought me to the Motherland in thought, deed and poetry.  They transformed my life and helped me to grow more fully as an international artist and conscious being. Meeting them has prepared me well for the work I am doing presently with The Senegal-America Project.


Just ADD Sound (JAS) Besides poetry/spoken word what other forms of art do you use to spread the message of love? What art forms are you exploring to develop further to get the message out?

Tantra Zawadi (TZ) I directed two short documentaries (“Girl:  The Film,” Volume I and “A Silent Genocide:  A Brief Insight into HIV/AIDS”).  The latter was created as part of a poetry presentation I did at Stony Brook University for World AIDS Day in 2009; and “Girl:  The Film” (A message from Ardija Red-Cloud), was created as a way to mentor girls by providing uplifting messages from female elders in our community.  There are so many ways to send messages of love, and I am still discovering them.  Not trying would be problematic for me. 


Just ADD Sound (JAS) What’s the process like working with a producer? How involved are you in the development of a project, a release?

Tantra Zawadi (TZ) Each experience is different, but with advances in technology, it is really easy to work with producers from other countries because you can send your work back and forth on-line.  I am very much involved in the recording process and care about what I present.  I want to hear what “our” project sounds and looks like before it is officially released, and appreciate producers who value what I bring and are committed to the best musical balance for my voice/stories.  While, talent and skill are naturally essential, so are the relationships we share as artists.  Mutual respect is high on my list for a fulfilling creative exchange.      

Just ADD Sound (JAS) Your poetry is available in print, as well as poetry over music. How different is the print publishing process from a digital release? What, if any, challenges are there in getting the word out about your printed work?

Tantra Zawadi (TZ) Digital releases are undoubtedly more immediately accessible, but there’s something about actual books (the paper, the binding, the imagination and the words in front of you), that are so precious to me.  I just love to read, but see that more and more people are connected to their smart phones and want to do what they do on the go.  One of my books “Gathered at Her Sky,” is available for download on iTunes and I can see more of that happening in the future along with my books in print (available at most on-line bookstores). 

I am glad that some of my music collaborations are presented in a variety of formats (vinyl, CD and digital download), and like that my work is accessible in different ways.

Social networking is essential as well as solid promotions, book-signing events and frequent performances.  I bring product with me to my live events, but the greatest forms of support are the people that love and believe in me.  That is the absolute best! 


Just ADD Sound (JAS) What’s next for Tantra as a poet, artist, mentor, and advocate?

I have an adventurous spirit, and am open to where love leads.  You know that special place where miracles are born and there is room for personal growth?  That space where dreams come true and possibilities emerge?  I don’t like to plan every moment of my life or anticipate my every move. I like to #LiveLoveLife and watch it unfold.  So, stay tuned!

Thank you for your beautiful support.  I appreciate you all!

Peace and Love,


Connect with Just ADD Sound:



Mobile Link to podcast:


As Just ADD Sound continues to grow and develop, it promises to bring a unique perspective and attention to all forms of artistic expression.

Stay connected. Spread the word. Share the Wealth. Just ADD YOUR sound!

Nov 14

Cyberjamz Internet Radio 11 Years Strong!

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What an amazing way to celebrate longevity, success, talent and love for music! The 11th Year Anniversary Marathon, an online celebration for lovers of GOOD music! We, our musical family consisting of all of our talented programmers, producers, artists, supporters, sponsors, listeners, bloggers, musicians, technical support, WE are Cyberjamz Internet Radio. The reason this site is still as popular, cutting edge and a leader among all other sites, is because we believe in showcasing everyone’s talent through the music. Our anniversary marathon is not about just playing music non stop because technically we do that all the time. Its about the gathering of our musical family, old friends, new friends, new programmers, old programmers in celebrating music in a positive and enlightening way! This weekend was exceptional, and we want to thank all of our programmers for sharing their talents and love for music with the world! This weekend was a perfect display of what it means to work together to spread our love for this thing we call House Music. Everyone brought their own flavor and it felt good to hear just how good our programmers really are. Lets continue to do what we do best.

Thank you to everyone who made our 11th Anniversary a memorable one! We won’t stop! We can’t stop!

Cyberjamz Operations




Nov 10

Just Add Sound Travels the Globe (November 6, 2014)

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Thursday, November 6, 2014 #JustADDSound took to the airwaves to bring global influenced and influencing artists to share their words and sound!

Host, RescuePoetix, read a piece from John S. Blake’s first full collection of poems, published by Urban Publishing NYC:  Beautifully Broken, “On Teaching Chess to my Daughter”

About John Blake: John Blake is a Teaching Artist currently residing in Virginia and studying Creative Writing and African American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. Blake was a finalist at the National Poetry Slam (2007 Austin TX) and has been published in ARDOR, Naugatuck River Review of Narrative Poetry, Adobe Walls Literary Journal, Two Bridges Review, Red Fez and Malpais Review and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Blake has traveled the United States, reading his work and teaching.

Learn more about John S. Blake:
YouTube: “On Teaching Chess to my Daughter” (NPS 2012)
Own Beautifully Flawed:

Following John Blake was percussionist, writer and poet Tony Vacca. We heard “On the Edge” and “Word to the Warriors” from Vacca’s 2002 CD release Zen Rant. Selecting pieces to play from this stirring streetwise fusion of Jazz, World Music and Spoken Word CD was no easy task.

About Tony Vacca: Tony Vacca is an innovative American percussionist with Jazz and World Music roots going back to 1972. Over the course of his career, he has made a habit of pushing the already adventurous conventions of World Music into new territory, both as a soloist and as the leader of his World Rhythms Ensemble. He is part of a wave of 20th century musicians whose work has fueled the rediscovery of the power of the drum, and the power of music to build global common ground. His fourteen trips to West Africa have contributed to his unique approach to playing the balafon, and to his depth of knowledge regarding African and American musical traditions.

Learn more about Tony Vacca:
YouTube: Senegal-America Project Concert [Chapter 2: 11/11]
Own Zen Rant:

After feeling Tony Vacca’s stirring testimonials through drum and word, SoulMedic eased us into the sensually exquisite, jazzy jam of spoken word that is Akua Naru’s “How does it Fee?”

About Akua Naru: Having begun writing and performing rhymes as a young girl, the New Haven, CT (USA) born Akua Naru, began crafting in her early years what would later reveal to be a great talent for profound lyricism and extraordinary musical performances. Known as a traveler, as chronicled throughout her Jan. 2011 debut release, The Journey Aflame, this female wordsmith has garnered attention by trotting the globe, recording her experiences and fusing musical genres with her brand of hip hop. Formerly based in Philadelphia, there have been many stops along the way, from traveling West Africa to touring China, Naru moved to Cologne, Germany where she currently resides and creates music.

Learn more about Akua Naru:
Own Akua Naru – Live & Aflame Sessions:

Keeping on the path of love JAS took us deeper into soul mate reflection with Amado Nervo’s Mi Secreto (My Secret). This Spanish Poem ponders

? Understand-t? you want the visible

transport, real, the tangible

caresses of the female, that is reflected

all your wishes invincible-

the impossible of the impossible

to worship a ghost?

About Amado Nervo: Amado Nervo (August 27, 1870 – May 24, 1919) also known as Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz de Nervo was the Mexican Ambassador to Argentina and Uruguay,[1] journalist, poet, and educator. His poetry was known for its use of metaphor and reference to mysticism, presenting love and religion, as well as Christianity and Hinduism. Nervo is noted as one of the most important Mexican poets of the 19th century. Nervo is generally considered the most distinguished Mexican poet of the late 19th- and early 20th-century literary movement known as Modernismo. Nervo’s introspective poetry, characterized by deep religious feeling and simple forms, reflects his struggle for self-understanding and inner peace in an uncertain world.

Learn more about Amado Nervo:
Own Mi Secreto (free download):


Our global journey alights in Brooklyn with our next piece by Tantra Zawadi. This world renowned mentor for the Girl Child Network, HIV/AIDS advocate and mutli-dimensional artist brought her book “Bubbles: One Conscious Breath” to us with “Jazzy Nights (For Jayne Cortez)   Betasweet Tribute To Velile Mix”.

About Tantra Zawadi: Brooklyn born poet/author Tantra-zawadi best describes her work “by the love that I make through my art to the vision of the unseen reality.” Soulful and sublime, her poetry explores love in all its forms; from the rush of the first kiss to the bittersweet. As a performance poet and published author, Tantra uses her voice to support the rights of women through creative expression. She has performed to standing-room audiences at venues as far away as South Africa, London, Germany and Canada. Tantra is also a recipient of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office Award for Women’s History Month and a 2010 Pushcart Prize nominee for her poem “Girl.” Partial proceeds from Tantra’s latest book “Gathered at Her Sky” (Poets Wear Prada), are being donated to the Girl-Child Network Worldwide.


Learn more about Tantra Zawadi:
Own Jazzy Nights (For Jayne Cortez):
Own Bubbles: One Conscious Breath:

Continuing the globetrotting brought us to alight on Japanese Haiku westernized by Brooklyn’s own Carlos Mena (Casamena). Tackling relevant real life topics with “Nine Haikus” this DJ/Producer/Hip Hop/Spoken Word artist gave us food for thought in short order through his 2004 album “Hip Hop Meditations”.

About Carlos Mena: Carlos Mena is a music producer and DJ that has produced music for platinum selling artist Arrested Development, Tre Hardson (The Pharcyde), Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, Vega Records, Got Soul Records, Deeper Soul Records, and Phuture Soul, as well as many local bay area artists, including Zion I. He also lead the popular Bay Area group 10BASS T, to many accolades and opening stints for Counting Crows, The Roots, and Lollapalooza.  His Solo debut “Hip-Hop Meditations” fuses Afro-Cuban music with hip-hop and has received wonderful reviews from major hip-hop publications across the country. Carlos recently received an artistic fellowship grant from the City of Oakland for his work on Hip-Hop Meditations. He was also included in URB MAGAZINE’s NEXT 100 (up and coming artists) for 2006.

Learn more about Carlos Mena:
Own Hip Hop Meditations:

Rounding out the global express ride is yet to be released “Come to Me”, produced by Phaseshift Ent Luis Evangelista.

Here is what Cyberjamz CEO Sammy Rock & VP of Operations DJ Housecat had to say about the upcoming “Come to Me”

House of Soul Track Pick:
Come to Me E.P – Luis Evangelista

PhaseShift Entertainment

“Here we have a wonderful release by the talented DJ/producer Luis Evangelista. A lovely afro-music ride with sensational organs, drum kick and spoken-word snippets compliment this release well. This is a very good one for all dancers and dance floors across the globe.

Reviewed by SammyRock & DjHousecat(la gata de fuego)
Cyberjamz Radio/Records


Check out the recent Rhythmic Vibrations interview with Luis Evangelista:
Own PhaseShift Music:

There was so much more we wanted to share with you from such world renowned artists as Safia Elhillo, Abiodun Oyewole, Sandra Cisneros and Carlos Andrés Gómez, but we just simply ran out of time. You’ll be hearing more about these artists, their work and influence on the Social Consciousness of Poetry and Art as Season 1 of Just ADD Sound progresses.

In the meantime, check out the Just ADD Sound November 6, 2014 archive (available for a limited time) here:

Mobile link available soon

The next edition of Just ADD Sound, Thursday, November 20, 2014 kicks off at 7:00 pm NY time with a special 2 hour show featuring Poet/Author/Actress/Advocate Tantra Zawadi and special guest percussionist Jimmy Lopez. More details coming.

We will also be celebrating Soul Medic’s birthday so join us in the chat to wish him a happy birthday!

Until next we meet, remember all it takes is to Just ADD YOUR sound!

Oct 29

A few tips on how to hear cyberJAMZ Internet Radio using a MAC computer

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Here are a  few tips for our Mac users trying to connect to Cyberjamz Internet Radio.

MAC plugin:

And for our MAC  Silverlight player:

Additionally you can listen via YourMuze.FM here:
Channel 1:
Channel 2:


We also found that you can copy and paste our live link into your Safari or Firefox browser and that should open up the stream using your default player.This worked a few of our listeners but I have yet to test this option out and I need someone to confirm.

Channel 01 -

Channel 92 –





Oct 28

The Sammy Rock Cassette Deck Music Podcast are up now!

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Back by popular demand !

The Sammy Rock Cassette Deck Music Mixes Podcast are up now.I will be adding more (random mixes) every week.

#118 – Side A – 

#118 Side B –

This music series is a collection of mixes I have on cassette’s recorded circa 1980 to 2000.I used to post them on my podcast pages a few years ago and stopped posting them but I’ve been getting request to kick them off again and due to time constraints I had no time until now.

Hope you enjoy these time-less mixes consisting of quality vinyl cuts that will forever live with us.


Aug 31

Cyberjamz Radio Marathon – Donation Drive 2014 THANKS YOU !

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Cyberjamz Internet Radio is humbled by the outpouring of support for our Second Annual Summer Marathon Donation Drive 2014.

You, our listeners and supporters got an opportunity to share the love we have for good music through over 72 hours of nonstop music from some of the most talented Cyberjamz programmers across the globe. We love what we do and appreciate the financial donations that both our programmers, listeners and supporters contributed. We are still receiving donations, and it shows that you love Cyberjamz Internet Radio just as much as we do!
Cyberjamz prides itself on bringing you the best music programs, and programmers, thank you for your continued support. Your donations help us to keep good music alive and provide you with a forum to listen to us.









Official acknowledgements going out to the following supporters,lovers of music and those that donated towards our cause to keep us on air.


Catherine Harris – Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) – V.P of Cyberjamz Radio Operations
JorgeG – Graphix Designer for Cyberjamz Radio/Records
Nestor Delgado aka Mr.Techy – Cyberjamz Radio Technical Director

The supporters & entire chat room family

Seductive Sapphire
Janet (Free Spirit)
Crecsendo & Steve Bass

and everyone that came through and showed us love.

Donation Family

Ronald Overby(Dj Ronnie Ron)
K-Ture and the First Responders of House Music
Peter Sierra
Dj Bilal Hayles
William Gibbs aka Will Gee
Tanario King
Curtiss Logan – Big Logan
Crystal Hayes
Terri Johnson
Edward Ward – Dj Eddie-Ed
Robbi Promoter
Leon Cook – LeonC

Thank you ALL !

Pay pal is still open for donations all year round – pay pal any amount to Subject line Cyberjamz Server Donation.
If you prefer to snail mail a check or money order let me know and I will send you our company address.

Check out the archived shows of this marathon up now !

Aug 03

Be yourself – Dj SGZ & Aphreme featuring Ras Vadah – Toupee Records 2014

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Cat# Toupee0011
“Be yourself” – SGZ & Aphreme featuring Ras Vadah
Toupee Records - out now !





Dj SGZ & Aphreme featuring Ras Vadah “Be yourself” (Toupee Records CD Promo)

From the minds of DJ SGZ, Aphreme and vocalist Ras Vadah comes “Be yourself”, a soulful gem guaranteed to send shivers down your spine as dulcet yet captivating deeply groovin’ rhythms lead the way for luscious keys, acidic overtones and Ras Vadah’s beautiful deeply felt vocals – top-notch soulful house music. The dub gives the track a classy old school feel guaranteed to jam-pack the floor.

Reviewed by Mike Fossati for Spirit of House

Produced by Aphreme & SGZ
Vocals performed by Ras Vadah
Another Toupee Records Joint 2014.

Apr 27

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records catalog avail at Traxsource

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Purchase all of Cyberjamz/Toupee Records catalog at

Apr 27

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records catalog avail at Junodownload

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Cyberjamz/Toupee Records avail at

Apr 27

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records Catalog avail at

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Purchase any or ALL of Cyberjamz/Toupee Recs at @stompymusic

Apr 21

Sole Plates Radio meets Cyberjamz Radio this Tuesday April 22,2014 – 1 – 3pm est

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Check in this Terrific Tuesday as Sole Plate Radio’s  own Ian Fletcher will bless us with a hot mix direct from the U.K (Manchester).

Showtime: 1 pm – 3pm est (USA) time.











With his musical roots dating back to the early 90′s underground rave scene, Ian ‘Sole Plates’ Fletcher soon discovered New York’s underground house sound courtesy of Graeme Park & Tom Wainright’s legendary Saturday night sessions at Manchester’s Hacienda nightclub… and that was it! Having built up a sizeable collection of vinyl during the halcyon days of the mid 90′s whilst touring Manchester’s student circuit, featuring favourite artists & labels such as Tommy Musto, Mood II Swing, DJ Pierre, Suburban, Nitegrooves & Strictly Rhythm, an unenforced 12 year sabbatical ensued.


Inspired by a number of trips to New York City’s Wednesday night ‘Roots’ & Thursday night ‘Libation’ sessions, his musical passion was reinvigorated in 2010 with the birth of the Sole Plates radio show on Manchester’s 96.9 ALL FM. Broadcast live on alternate Friday night’s from 11pm til 1am, Sole Plates serves up 2 hours of the finest REAL underground house music from the US, Europe & South Africa, as well as guest interviews and mixes from some of the world’s top DJ’s & Producers including DJ Pierre, Atjazz, Ralf GUM, Nick Holder, Audiowhores, Sean McCabe, ZuluMafia, Chymamusique & Phil Asher amongst others.


Whether delving into his extensive & rare collection of vinyl, or bringing you bang up to date with the hottest new promos, Sole Plates takes you on a meticulously programmed and seamlessly mixed journey through it’s own unique yet diverse underground house sound, priding itself on giving a platform to up & coming talent from around the world and tracks rarely heard elsewhere on either the airwaves or the internet.


Check out Ian Fletcher every Friday Live or at




Apr 08

Sole Plates Radio 96.5 All FM in Manchester U.K feat.SammyRock of Cyberjamz Radio-Records

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Sole Plates with Sammy Rock (Cyberjamz Records Mix & Interview) aired live – Friday 4th April ’14 at  (96.9 ALL FM – Manchester UK)













Sole Plates Radio Show #73 (96.9 ALL FM – Manchester UK) featuring special guest Sammy Rock… label boss of Tampa’s Cyberjamz Records & founder of Cyberjamz  internet Radio (USA)… spinning an exclusive Sole Plates Guest Mix full of forthcoming Cyberjamz Records releases… as well as dropping by on the phone for a chat… enjoy!


Stream Radio Show here
Like us at Facebook:-

Listen Live (alternate Friday’s 11pm til 1am):-



1) Music – Marvin Gaye – Dj Panther72 Remix

2) Mufasa – Tayo Wink beat-a-pella mix – coming soon to Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

Soul-diers of House – RescuePoetix – accapella – Cyberjamz

3) Galaxy Group, Rich Medina – Lady Harlem (Agent X Strictly Beatdown Mix)

4) Brazilian Soul Crew, Holi M – Afflicted (A Rancido Traveling Soul Journey)

5) All I Am – Sir LSG, Brian Temba, Kafele – (Sir LSG Original Mix)

6) Soule Villain – Spiritual Dojo (Blaq Souls Sofaya Dance Mix)

7) Justin Imperiale feat. Rescue Poetix – Whispers In The Wind (D’oké Mix)

8) Awassa – Rancido, Bright Coffee – (Deep Journey Main Mix) – Soul Oasis Loop n Ride Edit Mix

9) I gave you my heart – Heather Walker – Elementsouls Remix – Cyberjamz

10) Go Back – Roland Clark (RC Ivory Coast Remix)

11) Jackin ! – DjjoelS. – Soul Oasis Drum Loop n Ride Edit Mix – coming soon Born Again E.P – Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

12) When the Beat Drops – Seductive Sapphire – Dj Eddie-Ed Re-visit Remix – coming soon to Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

13) So Sweet – DjjoelS. – from the Born Again E.P – coming soon to Cyberjamz/Toupee Records


Check out the House of Soul with Sammy Rock and Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) every Monday from 9am – 2pm est USA Time Exclusivley at Cyberjamz Internet Radio


Podcast and Playlist avail.

Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis Podcast

Stream or Download

Dj Housecat – la gata de fuego Podcast


Apr 01

Cyberjamz Radio remembers The Godfather of House – Frankie Knuckles 1955 – 2014 (R.I.P)

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This has to be one of the saddest days in many lives as we loose house music Godfather of House – Frankie Knuckles.There is so much to share and say about this deejay,artist,producer that it may take the very same years he lived to cover everything he accomplished in his music career and his dedication to our musical culture.

He will be missed and we all would like to thank you for all the music and years you showed us how it’s done.You will never be forgotten and some day we all shall dance again !

Tune into Cyberjamz Internet Radio this entire week as all of our music programmers will dedicate and pay tribute to this musical legend forevermore.

SammyRock and the Cyber-Team

Mar 23

Cyberjamz Records producer and artist Spotlight: Pako Di Rocco – Italy

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Cyberamz is proud to feature Pako Di Rocco – Mian,Italy as our spotlight Dj,producer and artist.


Pako Di Rocco has been sizzling the dance floors and producing some amazing pieces out on Cyberjamz Records,Tony Records and more with his long-time partner Roby Mass also out of Italy.His latest podcast fall nothing short of remarkable !

Pako Di Rocco will be in New York from July 5 to August 9 2014. Keep your ear to the ground for event infomation.













Pasquale Di Rocco Aka Dj Pako Di Rocco was born in Naples on October 4, 1976.


He begins to learn and develo

p a love of music in 1982 when for the first time listened to Rock With You by Michael Jackson.


From that day on Pako start listening and collecting all the hits of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and The Jackson 5 in cassettes, vinyl and video cassettes; also began to collect even vinyls and cassettes of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklyn …. . and all that was Soul, Funk and Disco.


Since 1989 the club became a frequ

ent visitor Underground Naples and Italy: Hype (Caserta) Lemon Lights (Naples), Peter Pan, Titilla, Echoes, Club 99 (Riccione) Red areas (Perugia), etc. .. etc. ..


From 1990 he began his passion DJ, he started playing in “One Night” and the first of the Central Club – east of Naples: In the following years he performed at parties thanks to the organization and the artistic direction of Antonio Esposito (MyClub , HouseClub, Noyyou) and Tina Lepre (Angels of Love, Tina’s Bar, ArteDinamika).


For many years Pako and his loy

al friends create a group: the “United Boys” and organizes “one night and after hours in secret location (villas, beaches etc …).


Known and esteemed by Dj’s of the old Neapolitan school: “Lello Romano, Roby Maas, Junior White and many more.


For a few ‘years spreads her experiences visiting places other than where he grew up, and with the bag of discs shoulder, stubborn and faithful in God is able to leave the country.


During the years has brought his sound in clubs in Italy, Spain, Greece, England and overseas experience in Los Angeles, performing with artists such as Tony Humphries, Paul Trouble Anderson, Michael Watford, Ivan Iacobucci etc …


It is inspired by artists such as David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Tee Scott, Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Dave Morales, Timmy Regisford, Larry Heard, Ron Hardy, Lil Louis, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Todd Terry, Glenn Underground, Kerri Chandler, Jovonn, Victor Simonelli.


Those who know him in person considers him a prophet!


In his life has involved thousands of people in the world at House Music ………..


His dedication to music is constant and always looking for grooves and sounds very refined  from Disco to Deep Underground without exceeding the trivial but often proposing sounds very rare and sought after.


Some of his productions have been proposed by DJ’s Legendary Americans in their set-Live and Radio Show as Tony Humphries, Victor Simonelli etc …


Its Internet Radio Show mix are broadcast along with the best dance artists in the world.


Pako Di Rocco after he bought the s

ympathy and respect of many artists of the dance world, is working on many music productions coming out to the historic label of New Jersey “New Generation Records” with his partner and close friend Roby Maas. Exits with a project with Latrechia Peetet (Nj) Spread Love of which there are several versions of Big Moses , Tony Jesus and Mike LaBirt a personal ep 4 tracks The Origins ep. In 2013, the projects are known of Cyberjamz friend and brother Sammy Rock, Funk Your last ep and later achieved his dream, working with Tony Humphries his first mentor and source of inspiration the first project Miami Uncuts 2013 on the label Tony Records where there will be new designs Pako Di Rocco and Roby Maas.


In Naples, his city, continues to evolve the culture of house music proposing his sets live a little ‘with all the experts with whom there is now a respect and an affection for twenty years.


Genres: House, DeepHouse, Underground, Garage, Soulful, Afro, Funk, Disco, Gospel


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Feb 11

The Making of Africa in your Veins (Part 2) – Keith Thompson

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On Location with The Making of Africa in your Veins (Part 2) – Keith Thompson.

Pick up the remix here Best of 2.0 – Keith Thompson

out now:


Keith Thompson delivers a winner with “We Rise”  out now on Thompsonic ,pick this up !!



These are the buy links:


The anthem of protest spreading around the world.


Traxsource –


iTunes –


Beatport –


Googleplay –


Amazon –


Shazam –




Inspired by the recent protests around the world for freedom to live
peacefully and expressively, Keith Thompson joins forces with Deckrise
to give voice to this collective energy.


Deckrise is a DJ/ Producer/Engineer that’s been working behind the
scenes in Europe for years and has decided to step out front with one
of his favorite vocalist, the legendary Keith Thompson to present a song
that puts music and words to the protest and frustrations of a


Keith Thompson (Singer/Producer) is known for his years of club hits
that have moved dance floors internationally. The biggest of which is
undoubtedly “Break 4 Love”. “We Rise” is set to move the club land


More on Keith Thompson:







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