Nov 30

Follow the Leader – Cyberjamz Internet Radio est in 2003

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Follow the Leader – The official Cyberjamz Internet Radio  – The first ever if it’s kind (est. in 2003) as we are 10 yrs strong in the making.

Read full bio and history of founder C.E.O of the award winning Cyberjamz Internet Radio


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Dec 07

Cyberamz/Toupee Records spotlight: Edward Ward – Dj Eddie-Ed

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edCyberjamz/Toupee Records spotlight is on our very own deejay,producer,remixer and radio music programmers Edward Ward – Dj Eddie- Ed.

Ed has been a force not to be reckowned with, in that not only he is a spectacular music programmer for our station (Cyberjamz Radio) but his hidden talent as a producer is what took us by surprise.This has caused a positive shift in his craft in that he combines his mixing skills and incorporates that into his production work.Dj Eddie-Ed is on a roll offering his skills in our upcoming release “71 Degrees Deep” hWah (Dj Eddie-Ed Remix) coming soon to Cyberjamz Records.Edward also has contributed multiple remix projects featuring RescuePoetix(tm),Seductive Sapphire,Harold Brandon (IBB) , Vanessa Smith and more !

Check our catalog here : Dj Eddie-Ed

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Dec 06

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records producer spotlight: Ronald Overby (Dj Ronnie Ron)

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rr/Toupee Records acknowledges deejay , artist and producer Ronald Overby (Dj Ronnie Ron) .

This brother here took a hiatus from music to catch up on daily life situations and family of which always comes first and for that I have nothing but respect for this talented producer.Before he decided to get back into the production game,Ronnie Ron had a released 2 dance floor joints “Cold Heat feat Marcel” & “Kryptonite E.P” both on Unified Records ,both of which were very good.This time he has delivered quite a few lovely E.P’s ranging from Deep House to broken-beat.Let us begin by rolling it back to his “Court Jester” release and the hot “Activate Jupiter” EP series Parts 1 & 2 E.P out now on Toupee Records.He has a nice deep house release entitled “The Naked Truth E.P” which takes a look into the deeper side of Dj Ronnie Ron. He has also contributed to a few remixes featuring Seductive Sapphire, RescuePoetix,Harold Brandon (IN BLUEBLACKNESS) and Vanessa Smith.

His latest E.P “The Sands E.P” is yet another side and look into his mind and soul and is rocking lovely in the Afro Charts at We are looking forward to more of Ronald Overbly in the near future,in the meantime cop his music and E.P’s avail now !

Links provided bottom of his bio.
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Dec 03

The Cyberjamz Radio Fall Slam Music Series with Jason “Jakdat” Merced

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cyberjamz-promo-1-000The Cyberjamz Radio Fall Slam Music Series took a very nice turn this particular week with Special guest artist/producer/remixer Jason “Jakdat” Merced of Jakdat Records. He played a lovely 90′s vinyl set that is sure to take you back to that special time when vinyl and music made an impact for us deejay’s and dancers.We hope you enjoy and download this set.

stream or download JakdatCAST here –

*no playlist at this time

Facebook contact

Dec 03

The Cyberjamz Radio Fall Music Series with K’K Alexi Shelby – K Klassic Mix Special guest Mix Podcast now up !

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kalexThe Cyberjamz Radio Fall Music Series with K’K Alexi Shelby – K Klassic Mix Special guest Mix was off the hook

We will be featuring more of K’Alexi Shelby soon !
stream or download K Klassic Cast here –

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Dec 03

The Cyberjamz Radio Winter Slam Music series with Special guest Sanna Vaarna

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sanna2Cyberjamz Internet Radio continues our quest in searching and locating talent from around the world. This time we have found a diamond in the ruff in collaboration with RescuePoetix™ Management,the beautiful and sensual Sanna Vaarna.After playing her set numerous times this past week,there is no mistake that Sanna has what it takes both in programming music and music productions as well as having an ear for her sound.

Check into our Cyberjamz Radio Winter Slam Music Series featuring Sanna Vaarna this coming Thump-Day Thursday December 08,2016 from 10am to 12pm est. at

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Nov 30

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records producer spotlight – hWah – Håvard Kvangarsnes Norway

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hwahsite2Cyberjamz/Toupee Records producer spotlight – hWah – Håvard Kvangarsnes Norway.

71 Degrees Deep is the debut EP of Norwegian producer hWah who is based in Oslo. hWah has previously released an edits EP on Giant Cuts, and got several remixes on Cyberjamz Records and Vier Deep Digital. His latest remixes are of Vanessa L Smith’s ‘Naked Soul’, Harold Brandon’s ‘She Says’ and Jay Nemor’s ‘Everyday’. just to name a few.

So why call it a debut EP? Because this is first EP of original productions from hWah. 71 Degrees Deep are inspired by so many things, but most of all the dream of warmer climates, jazzy melodies and outer space mysteries. The 4 track EP pays its homage to the US sound of deep house and afro house.
hWah is currently working on a new project with Vanessa L Smith, and several other projects to be released in 2017 on Cyberjamz Records and other reknown labels. 2017 will also see the launch of Stellar Disco Records.

Visit for upcoming remixes and info.

complete debut release info:

pick up hWah 7 Dj Eddie-Ed Remixes at: –
Toupee Records –

coming soon to I-tunes and other fine digital download stores.

Nov 30

Cyberamz Radio with SammyRock aka Soul Oasis opening set Nov 14,2016

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roker-2Here we have a SammyRock aka Soul Oasis opening set which aired at Cyberjamz Internet Radio Nov 14,2016. As some already know,I’m an all around music deejay ,therefore I try to incorporate different styles from downtempo to classics to soulful and back again. I hope you guys can give us an ear and open your mind as I try and take you on a musical flight to that special place.

Enjoy !

Stream or download SoulCAST here:

Check into The House of Soul No Work – Half Day Monday at Cyberjamz Internet Radio from am – 2pm est USA time with my partner DjHousecat(la gata de fuego)

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Nov 30

Roll back Music with Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) circa 2010

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557626_277030855751483_707638837_nRoll back Music with Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) circa 2010

This hot set here was the very first mix ever submitted to Cyberjamz Internet Radio by our very own DjHousecat(la gata de fuego). It is the one that caught our attention and made her a part of The House of Soul with SammyRock and as they say “The rest is HER-story” !

*no playlist for this show at this time.

Stream or download this PodCAT here –

Check out the House of Soul with SammyRock and DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) every Monday from 9am – 2pm est at

Bookings and info

Nov 18

In loving memory and R.I.P Cyberjamz/Toupee Records own Ben Johnson (Pure Elevation) 2016

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ben-3This has been such a tough year for some of us. it’s incredible.I’m sad to report that it has been confirmed by Sal Negro that our great brother ,music artist , producer and Deejay Ben Johnson (Pure Elevation) has passed on.

This man was not only an inspiration to us but his music was very nice and it showed in his releases out on Cyberjamz & Toupee Records. I am completely torn by this news as you can imagine. Ben opened his arms to everyone that wanted to release a remix but what made him so special was his genuine way of being.

On behalf of Cyberjamz Radio/Records, Toupee Recs,Catherine Harris Rowell , all of the artist & producers he has worked with,we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a special person and to those that knew him,yall know he will truly be missed.

If GOD Willing and time permits,please check in this coming Monday as we will be hosting and dedicating our House of Soul Show to Ben Johnson (Pure Elevation).We will be featuring some of his best mixes from our labels and Azyie Songaa Recordings. Show time will be between 9am till 2pm est at Cyberjamz Internet Radio.

Oct 02

The Cyberjamz Radio Music Programmers – Lineup & Info

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If you are interested in one of the open slots, please submit a 2 hour mix for consideration to and

CEO, Sammy Rock
VP- Cyber-Operations Manager, Catherine Harris
Marketing Manager, Rescue Poetix

Emergencies only !! contact:

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Jul 23

Cyberjamz Records recording artist Spotlight – The Return of Dovie Cote’

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back cover art 3Cyberjamz/Toupee Records is proud,excited and welcome back recording artist Dovie Coate’ back on our label.After a long hiatus this fantastic vocalist is back is on the scene and has been hard at work in the studio live and direct from Chicago.Also involved in background vocals and production work is as another great Cyberjamz Records recording artist & producer Harold Brandon ( IN BLUEBLACKNESS).

These guys have a lovely collection of vocal pieces with quality lyrics and music coming very soon with hit pieces like “Luna En Red” , “Imagination” , “No Prisoners” , “The eyes don’t Lie” , “Skin Deep” and many more!

Up first for Dovie Cote’ is an exceptional project he’s been working on entitled “Luna En Red” which consist of a fantastic vocal piece that will give you goosebumps when dropped in the set or perfect for dancers and those that love vocal pieces as I do.The follow up “Luna in Red” is one for the books. This extraordinary piece delivers proper quality vocals and production work by Harold Brandon ( In BlueBlackness).In addition the Mastering of these tracks is simply superb as one of Chicago’s best Glenn Underground of Gorilla Oven Mastering lend us a hand in the studio.

These guys together create magic in both these tracks.

“Luna En Red”
Produced By Darren “Dj Quad” Brandon IN BLUEBLACKNESS
Vocals: Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon

This E.P and more are coming very very soon 2016 to Cyberjamz Records.

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Jul 20

Cyberjamz Radio official Sponsor RESCUEPOETIX™ Management

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Besides being a writer, poet, activist, spoken word artist and recording artist, RescuePoetix™ is a business woman with a strong background in the corporate, marketing and promotions side of industry. Her management experience developed along with her own career, working domestically and internationally since 2009. Work includes artist development, networking and marketing and more recently, promotions, event collaborations and bookings for artists in New Jersey, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Miami. With international ties that touch all corners of the world and across several artistic communities, she has worked to establish a solid reputation with management and consulting, which creates opportunities for an international mainstream presence.

RescuePoetix™ has sponsored numerous community events and entities based in Jersey City NJ. Coming on board to collaborate with Soulful Cypher founders in 2014, involvement includes artist review, talent booking, promotions, marketing, contract negotiation and media sourcing. Most recent endeavors include producing radio shows #JASradio on, which is the evolution of Just ADD Sound, and Open up the Mic on The Ground Radio, as well as collaborating with a variety of DJs, artists and event planners to broaden the ideals of unity and positive growth.

For bookings/media/interviews/more information:

Jul 07


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Cyberjamz Logo 2CYBERJAMZ INTERNET RADIO since 2003.

The award winning Cyberjamz Internet Radio (est. in 2003) was founded and is owned by Cyberjamz CEO Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis. CyberJAMZ Internet Radio has been in the forefront of the dance music community for well over twelve years and proud of that accomplishment. As Cyberjamz continues to celebrate growth they continue to focus on serving the music and dance community by providing the best in music by well-established producers and artists, up and coming producers and artists, programmer who are dedicated to the education and expansion of the Music Scene and everything under the Dance Music genre.

Cyberjamz Internet Radio offers one of the most complete show line-ups that provide an eclectic mix of music from programmers/DJS that touch on every style of music. Music is available on the site 24-hours a day, seven days a week and ranges from live programs to random archived sets which are updated on a daily basis.

Cyberjamz Records is leads the way for artists to work with producers on releases that are offered on several digital music sites since 2007, in support of the underground independent artist. Cyberjamz teams up with the sub-label, Toupee Records (established in 2013) and Toupee owner/CEO, DJ Housecat to continue to bring quality releases by quality producers and artists. For more information on Cyberjamz, Cyberjamz Records, Cyberjamz Internet Radio and Toupee Records, check out social media pages

Jul 07

CyberJamz Radio official sponsor – REAL WOMEN HOUSE™

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Founded by Catherine Rowell, (DJ Housecat – La Gata de fuego), Real Women House™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting creative efforts through the Arts, literary works, music and dance. Based out of Hyattsville MD, Real Women House™ strives to connect across the global community to educate, support and uplift the entrepreneurial spirit of the artist. Real Women House™ was established on personal beliefs and the beliefs of the House Music Community that engender Love, Peace, Unity and Community. As a creative outlet, Real Women House reflects its founder’s personal interest in a variety of forms of Art.

for info

additional info –

Real Women House T’s available now for a limited time

Ladies of House! represent in style with these tanks just as the weather is breaking!. Made for a woman by a woman, so that means no bulky fit, these tanks are cotton with a touch of spandex for a nice fit. These tanks are true to size, available in sizes M-XL, white and black. Payments can be made through paypal at Tanks are 22.50 including shipping and handling. All questions and requests for orders should be sent to

** Payments are being accepted through Paypal addy is . When making a payment plz add the sizes you need,color of tee shirt and mailing address or you can send her an email with the info at

Thank you for your support!
Dj Housecat

May 31

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records producer spot-light – Doc “N” Tones

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IMG_8686Cyberjamz/Toupee Records artist/producer showcase the hot duo Doc “N” Tones. These 2 guys been getting shit in for a minute and slowly becoming the remixer team to watch for 2016.

Doc “N” Tones (Benny and Anthony Pabon) have done just about everything needed in order to move forward to the next level.Their new tight release out on Cyberjamz Records entitled “That S#hit That’s Been Out” E.P have been causing ripples around the music community as well as many deejays rocking a few of these remixes on their sets.We at Cyberjamz Records are proud to feature this team on both our labels and things can only get better for these 2 fantastic producers.

Keep your ear to the ground as we will be featuring more grown breaking remixes and original pieces by Doc “N” Tomes !

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