Apr 01

Cyberjamz Radio remembers The Godfather of House – Frankie Knuckles 1955 – 2014 (R.I.P)

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This has to be one of the saddest days in many lives as we loose house music Godfather of House – Frankie Knuckles.There is so much to share and say about this deejay,artist,producer that it may take the very same years he lived to cover everything he accomplished in his music career and his dedication to our musical culture.

He will be missed and we all would like to thank you for all the music and years you showed us how it’s done.You will never be forgotten and some day we all shall dance again !

Tune into Cyberjamz Internet Radio this entire week as all of our music programmers will dedicate and pay tribute to this musical legend forevermore.

SammyRock and the Cyber-Team

Apr 08

Sole Plates Radio 96.5 All FM in Manchester U.K feat.SammyRock of Cyberjamz Radio-Records

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Sole Plates with Sammy Rock (Cyberjamz Records Mix & Interview) aired live – Friday 4th April ’14 at  (96.9 ALL FM – Manchester UK)













Sole Plates Radio Show #73 (96.9 ALL FM – Manchester UK) featuring special guest Sammy Rock… label boss of Tampa’s Cyberjamz Records & founder of Cyberjamz  internet Radio (USA)… spinning an exclusive Sole Plates Guest Mix full of forthcoming Cyberjamz Records releases… as well as dropping by on the phone for a chat… enjoy!


Stream Radio Show here

Like us at Facebook:-


Listen Live (alternate Friday’s 11pm til 1am):-




1) Music – Marvin Gaye – Dj Panther72 Remix

2) Mufasa – Tayo Wink beat-a-pella mix – coming soon to Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

Soul-diers of House – RescuePoetix – accapella – Cyberjamz

3) Galaxy Group, Rich Medina – Lady Harlem (Agent X Strictly Beatdown Mix)

4) Brazilian Soul Crew, Holi M – Afflicted (A Rancido Traveling Soul Journey)

5) All I Am – Sir LSG, Brian Temba, Kafele – (Sir LSG Original Mix)

6) Soule Villain – Spiritual Dojo (Blaq Souls Sofaya Dance Mix)

7) Justin Imperiale feat. Rescue Poetix – Whispers In The Wind (D’oké Mix)

8) Awassa – Rancido, Bright Coffee – (Deep Journey Main Mix) – Soul Oasis Loop n Ride Edit Mix

9) I gave you my heart – Heather Walker – Elementsouls Remix – Cyberjamz

10) Go Back – Roland Clark (RC Ivory Coast Remix)

11) Jackin ! – DjjoelS. – Soul Oasis Drum Loop n Ride Edit Mix – coming soon Born Again E.P – Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

12) When the Beat Drops – Seductive Sapphire – Dj Eddie-Ed Re-visit Remix – coming soon to Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

13) So Sweet – DjjoelS. – from the Born Again E.P – coming soon to Cyberjamz/Toupee Records


Check out the House of Soul with Sammy Rock and Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) every Monday from 9am – 2pm est USA Time Exclusivley at Cyberjamz Internet Radio http://cyberjamz.com


Podcast and Playlist avail.

Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis Podcast

Stream or Download


Dj Housecat – la gata de fuego Podcast



Mar 23

Cyberjamz Records producer and artist Spotlight: Pako Di Rocco – Italy

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Cyberamz is proud to feature Pako Di Rocco – Mian,Italy as our spotlight Dj,producer and artist.


Pako Di Rocco has been sizzling the dance floors and producing some amazing pieces out on Cyberjamz Records,Tony Records and more with his long-time partner Roby Mass also out of Italy.His latest podcast fall nothing short of remarkable !

Pako Di Rocco will be in New York from July 5 to August 9 2014. Keep your ear to the ground for event infomation.













Pasquale Di Rocco Aka Dj Pako Di Rocco was born in Naples on October 4, 1976.


He begins to learn and develo

p a love of music in 1982 when for the first time listened to Rock With You by Michael Jackson.


From that day on Pako start listening and collecting all the hits of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and The Jackson 5 in cassettes, vinyl and video cassettes; also began to collect even vinyls and cassettes of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklyn …. . and all that was Soul, Funk and Disco.


Since 1989 the club became a frequ

ent visitor Underground Naples and Italy: Hype (Caserta) Lemon Lights (Naples), Peter Pan, Titilla, Echoes, Club 99 (Riccione) Red areas (Perugia), etc. .. etc. ..


From 1990 he began his passion DJ, he started playing in “One Night” and the first of the Central Club – east of Naples: In the following years he performed at parties thanks to the organization and the artistic direction of Antonio Esposito (MyClub , HouseClub, Noyyou) and Tina Lepre (Angels of Love, Tina’s Bar, ArteDinamika).


For many years Pako and his loy

al friends create a group: the “United Boys” and organizes “one night and after hours in secret location (villas, beaches etc …).


Known and esteemed by Dj’s of the old Neapolitan school: “Lello Romano, Roby Maas, Junior White and many more.


For a few ‘years spreads her experiences visiting places other than where he grew up, and with the bag of discs shoulder, stubborn and faithful in God is able to leave the country.


During the years has brought his sound in clubs in Italy, Spain, Greece, England and overseas experience in Los Angeles, performing with artists such as Tony Humphries, Paul Trouble Anderson, Michael Watford, Ivan Iacobucci etc …


It is inspired by artists such as David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Tee Scott, Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Dave Morales, Timmy Regisford, Larry Heard, Ron Hardy, Lil Louis, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Todd Terry, Glenn Underground, Kerri Chandler, Jovonn, Victor Simonelli.


Those who know him in person considers him a prophet!


In his life has involved thousands of people in the world at House Music ………..


His dedication to music is constant and always looking for grooves and sounds very refined  from Disco to Deep Underground without exceeding the trivial but often proposing sounds very rare and sought after.


Some of his productions have been proposed by DJ’s Legendary Americans in their set-Live and Radio Show as Tony Humphries, Victor Simonelli etc …


Its Internet Radio Show mix are broadcast along with the best dance artists in the world.


Pako Di Rocco after he bought the s

ympathy and respect of many artists of the dance world, is working on many music productions coming out to the historic label of New Jersey “New Generation Records” with his partner and close friend Roby Maas. Exits with a project with Latrechia Peetet (Nj) Spread Love of which there are several versions of Big Moses , Tony Jesus and Mike LaBirt a personal ep 4 tracks The Origins ep. In 2013, the projects are known of Cyberjamz friend and brother Sammy Rock, Funk Your last ep and later achieved his dream, working with Tony Humphries his first mentor and source of inspiration the first project Miami Uncuts 2013 on the label Tony Records where there will be new designs Pako Di Rocco and Roby Maas.


In Naples, his city, continues to evolve the culture of house music proposing his sets live a little ‘with all the experts with whom there is now a respect and an affection for twenty years.


Genres: House, DeepHouse, Underground, Garage, Soulful, Afro, Funk, Disco, Gospel


Info Booking: p.dirocco1976@libero.it











Feb 12

Thanks to Music & Wine Radio for hosting my guest mix set

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A Special shout and thank you to Elian Habayeb & Music + Wine Radio (Italy) for rocking my set. The info on the page is absolutely humbling ! If time permit guys please visit their podcast page and read a little history about Cyberjamz Radio in Elian’s own words as he remembered when we first started doing what we do.

Donwload the Mix !!








Elian Habayeb & Music + Wine Radio (Italy)


I can’t tell you how excited I am to publish this week’s mix. And you wanna know who spins it? Sammy Rock. That’s right, as in Cyberjamz.com’s own Sammy Rock from the Bronx.

If you only knew how critical Cyberjamz has been to my personal development as a DJ. I happened by Cyberjamz over 10 years, possibly by linking through the online magazine www.undagroundarchives.com about NYC’s house scene, run by photographer Donna Ward, who used to organize the annual Choice Awards (the scene’s Oscars).

The station was quite impressive. It had a strong line-up of radio programs scheduled at different peak listening hours of the day. 7-9pm Master Kev’s Yo Sessions. 10-12pm Sunday School by Keith “Porterhouse” Porter. 9-11pm The NuBang Clan Sessions. We’re talking 10 shows a day, seven days a week. These were live shows broadcast weekly, jam packed with good music, rarely ever repeating a track from one week to the next. This is when I discovered DJs like Camacho, Carlos Sanchez, James Vincent, Donna Edwards, and Ruben Toro. This is when I first heard about Robbi The Promoter. This is when I learned about the Jersey DJs. There was even live chatting. You’d read things like “just got home from the Shelter, Timmy killed it tonight” and “I like what he did with Sandcastles on that long transition…”

One show I used to listen to often was called “Soul Expressions” by the station founder and manager DJ Sammy Rock a.k.a Soul Oasis. “Soul Expressions on Cyberjamz dot kEm,” Sammy’d say. He’d get on the mic and talk about anything from last week’s events, to how his birthday party went on Tuesday night, to what to look forward to that upcoming week. I’m telling ya, it felt like I was right there in the middle of the scene. It felt like I knew about as much as anyone else attending these parties from one week to the next. (P.S. This immersion came in handy when I was invited to present an award at the Choice Awards 4.0 in 2005, when Cyberjamz was voted best online radio station. That night I met in person many of the people I’d heard about through Cyberjamz and similar sites like GrooveParlor.com, DeepHousePage.com, HandzOnRadio.com, etc., like Jovonn, Cordell Johnson, Ed Dunn, Danny Krivit, Quentin Harris, Kevin Hedges, Anane, Stephanie Cooke, Jada, Tommy Bones, Andre Collins, Bruce Tatum, and Josh Milan.)

Back to the radio station. The music was just phenomenal, and consistently that way. I spent countless hours listening and internalizing this music, so much so that it became part of me, part of who I became.

And here we are 10 years later, I am completely filled with pride as we introduce Sammy Rock on the show for the first time. Here’s a commercial-free “House of Soul” fresh music mix. Hope you’re wearing comfortable shoes!

House of Soul w/Sammy Rock & Dj Housecat every Monday from 9am-2pm est
www.traxsource.com Purchase any Cyberjamz Record
http://souloasis.cyberjamz.com/   (Podcast)
http://stompy.com Mp3 & Wav Files avail for Cyberjamz Records.
http://junodownload.com  Mp3 & Wav Files avail for Cyberjamz Records.

Feb 11

The Making of Africa in your Veins (Part 2) – Keith Thompson

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On Location with The Making of Africa in your Veins (Part 2) – Keith Thompson.

Pick up the remix here Best of 2.0 – Keith Thompson

out now:



Keith Thompson delivers a winner with “We Rise”  out now on Thompsonic ,pick this up !!



These are the buy links:


The anthem of protest spreading around the world.


Traxsource – http://bit.ly/1aozsLH


iTunes – http://bit.ly/1cZnxWj


Beatport – http://btprt.dj/1iV4JeO


Googleplay – http://bit.ly/1ix7mGV


Amazon – http://amzn.to/19fDaX6


Shazam – http://www.shazam.com/music/web/artist?id=43903056




Inspired by the recent protests around the world for freedom to live
peacefully and expressively, Keith Thompson joins forces with Deckrise
to give voice to this collective energy.


Deckrise is a DJ/ Producer/Engineer that’s been working behind the
scenes in Europe for years and has decided to step out front with one
of his favorite vocalist, the legendary Keith Thompson to present a song
that puts music and words to the protest and frustrations of a


Keith Thompson (Singer/Producer) is known for his years of club hits
that have moved dance floors internationally. The biggest of which is
undoubtedly “Break 4 Love”. “We Rise” is set to move the club land


More on Keith Thompson:









(c) 2013 Thompsonic Recordings/Jamlure International, All Rights Reserved.

Jan 18

The Soul Expressions – A Slow Jamz Experience – Hosted by Sammy Rock Sunday’s 9 – 10:30pm est

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Soul Expressions – A Slow Jamz Experience is hosted and compiled by Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis.

Tune in every Sunday night from 9pm – 10:30pm est. Exclusively at http://cyberjamz.com - Cyberjamz Internet Radio










Stream or Download Podcast


Jan 16

Bangin Spin Class Mix by Dj Housecat(la gata de fugo) now up !

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This set was played live for my spin class, while I played the class received direction from another instructor. It was done on the fly and the instructor didn’t know what I was going to play next. This mix has something for all ages, old school, hip hop, house, classics you name it and I played it that morning! Enjoy this mix and do what my students did, got their workout on!!

Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) pres: Spin Party 2014 now up at Podomatic ! Lovin this diverse set !










More House of Soul – Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) and Sammy Rock  Podcast:


Dj Housecat – la gata de fuego


Jan 16

Greg Gray celebrates 9yrs at Cyberjamz Radio – archive now up !

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One of our original Cyberjamz Radio Shows  with Greg Gray  celebrates 9 yrs +  feat . The Groove Temple (Jozana & Black Terry),Steve Maxwell,Steve Price,archive now up !


Stream archive here



Nubang Clan Site:


Dec 29

Tribute to Dj Man-X (R.I.P) by Groove Assassins Podcast now up !

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Tribute to Dj Man-X of Deep Haven Records (R.I.P) By Groove Assassins now up !

Here is the free download for this set for a limited time.Enjoy ! http://www.sendspace.com/file/um4ocp






Streaming now !




1. Dj Man-X – All i need is You (Dj Man-X Sunset Nights Mix)
2. DJ Man-X – Real Temptation
3. Dj Man-X – Change my World
4. Vick Lavender ft RJ Green – After Party for two (Dj Man-X Sunset Nights Mix)
5. Dj Man-X & Vick Lavender ft Carla Prather – City High (Dj Man-X Sunset Nights Mix)
6. Dj Man-X ft Natasha Watts – Saying Oh Yeah
7. Dj Man-X & Albert Menendez ft Blaze – Love can change your heart (Dj Man-X Sunset Nights)
8. Dj Man-X – Raw Instrumental (GA Joy Refix)
9. Dj Man-X & Albert Menendez ft Carolyn Harding – Heaven (DJ Man-X Sunset Nights Dub)
10. Dj Man-X ft Jean – Love War (Dj Man-X Sunest Vocal)
11. Carolyn Harding – Be with You (Man-X & GA DHP Mix)

Dec 22

Tribute to Dj Man-X(R.I.P) mixed by The House of Soul

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It was sometime last year that we have lost one of our music scene’s most influential members and great friend Thomas Spiegel aka Dj Man-X of Deep Haven Records.

We hope you enjoy this Tribute Music Mix Vol # 1 – Dedicated to Dj Man-X (R.I.P). This mix is mixed and compiled by The House of Soul – Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis & Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) and Vol .2 will be offered soon.

Download this set here

Stream set here



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Dec 20

Toupee Records launches in 2014

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Toupee Records re-launches after a long hiatus.This label will be offering some back by demand pieces by artist and producers that  are doing some nice remixed works dedicated to dancers and dance floors around the world !

Toupee Records is a sub-label of Cyberjamz Records and will be releasing and re-releasing some of our underground packages and we hope you can support the label,artist and producers.

Catalog will be avail as of Dec 27,2013 by Sensei,Dj Punch & Flip Entertainment,Mr.DMAX,Sahib Muhammad aka The Mad Professor,Tayo Wink and more !



Join the official Toupee Records Music Group Page




for label info contact:


Dec 15

Cyberjamz Records and releases group page on Facebook

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Join our Cyberjamz Records Releases Group Page and find out everything you need to know about our upcoming pieces and packages:


Pick up your favorite Cyberjamz Records release at :




Dec 14

The House of Soul – Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis Podcasts

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The House of Soul w/ Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis in the mix !  Monday Nov 25,,2013 Live at Cyberjamz Radio Headquarterz.

Stream or Download Podcast & Playlist

http://souloasis.cyberjamz.com/?p=2023Sammy Rock

More House of Soul w/ Sammy Rock and Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego)  Podcast n Playlist for download:

Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis Podcast

Stream or Download



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Dec 14

The House of Soul – Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego)Podcasts

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This set included classics, both r&b and house. Hope you enjoy the selections. The House of Soul is Sammy Rock and Dj Housecat. The House of Soul airs every Monday from 9am to 2pm set, exclusively on Cyberjamz.com

Stream or Download PodCat here


More House of Soul – Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) and Sammy Rock  Podcast:

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Dec 07

Cyber-Sponsor Keith Thomspon – Waking Monster Media

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Cyberjamz Radio is proud to welcome Keith Thompson of Waking Monster Media as an official sponsor.


Check out his latest release out on Waking Monster Media.

Best of 2.0 – Keith Thompson

out now:


Release Info:

Best Of 2.0 Keith Thompson – Featuring productions and remixes by Ralf Gum, Scott Wozniak, Marlon D, DJ Romain, Souldynamic, Davidson Ospina & Oscar P, King DK, Melchyor A, Patrick Bo, Island Groove, and (BOP’s) Mahoota, this is a must have collection of classic house music.

House music legend, Keith Thompson illustrates that he remains relevent in the music genre with this collection of releases over the past decade. Many have become underground, heartfelt favorites while some are under appreciated gems to be discovered and relished. Every house music lover should have this collection and any DJ who knows his music, already has atleast one of these tracks in their arsenal and should have this as their tools for any musical occassion.

All vocals recorded, arranged, & produced by Keith Thompson @ Thompsonic Recordings, Brooklyn, NYC, except * (InnerVibe Studios), ^ Northside Studio, UK.

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Nov 30

Cyberjamz Internet Radio – The Leaders for Music

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Cyberjamz Internet Radio always available to you .

From deep house to soulful house and everything in between .. If you missed any of our scheduled programming checkout our archives at cyberJAMZ.com ..

on the go and don’t want to miss any of the shows? check us out on tuneinradio and yourmuze.fm on your mobile device
#djs #femaledjsrock #soulfulhousemusic #deephousemusic #undergroundhousemusic #internetradiostation #housemusic

Follow the leader – Cyberjamz Internet Radio

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