Sep 15

Topic: Chrome and Silverlight Player issues

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Cyberjamz Radio supporters,listeners and lovers of music.

CHORME will no longer support the Silverlight Player plug-in ,therefore you will not be able to access our player or stream using this browser. The Silverlight Player plug-in still work using Firefox or Internet Explorer. We are trying to find new ways and players to use for our site.In the meantime please use any of our avail links such as our direct link to the live streams or via the tune in app or web site which you can listen using the links they provide using Chrome.

Direct link to Tune In on-line -

Click or copy n paste into your default player:

Direct Link to channel 01
Direct Link to channel 02

Read article here:


We apologize for this inconvenience but this is not us but the Chome developers.
MAC issues and tips on connecting to Cyberjamz Internet Radio(tm)



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Nov 25

Artist/Producer Spotlight – Ben Johnson – Pure Elevation 2015

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Artist/Producer Spotlight – Ben Johnson – Pure Elevation

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records is proud to feature our very own artist/producer Ben JohnsonPure Elevation as this weeks spotlight producer with releases out on both labels.In 2014 Pure Elevation was introduced to me by another of my many talented artist on our label Sal Negro.Upon this introduction Ben Johnson has released a set of E.P’s from his first debut joint entitled “Levels In My Mind“, a 4 piece dance floor gem that we still rock whenever we play it out.The follow up release “Sexy Shimmy’s Groove“  is very interesting featuring Sal Negro on spoken-word vocals and lovely keyboard and bass-line work.As we continue with this talented producer,he also delivers a few pieces  on our sub-label Ayze Songaa Recordings.Leading the way is the  “Moments Alone E.P” which  also features Sal Negro on vocals and offers a hot Tayo Wink Remix.The wonderful Ben Johnson cut  “A Reason” is indeed one his best releases on Aiyse Songaa Recordkings feat himself on vocals.meanwhile his “Do your Thang E.P” is another demonstration of why this man is at the top of the dance floor game.

Moving on to Toupee Records,comes the hot  dance floor gems “Give it to Me” &  “Dance” respectively.Also out on Toupee Records is the “Liquid Deep E.P” & “Into House” featuring the soothing deep vocals of once again Sal Negro.Finally we get his latest remix touches on the lovely Mona Bode release “Looks like Gold” with Mixes by ChiProfess  of which has been making it’s rounds around the club circuit.


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Nov 23

The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam with guest Lydia Hinton (Legsudesire) – Thursday Dec 05,2015.

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Cyberjamz Internet Radio is proud to welcome my sista from another mista Lydia Hinton (Legsudesire) to our Autumn Slam Music Series going down Thursday December 03,2015.

Showtime is from 10am to 12pm est.

This show is dedicated to us Grown Folk of Housemusic ! and those with an open-mind.  We hope you can check in and let this music programmer deliver music for the people.


In her own words:

Music is my way of life in all aspects of my being. its the way i live…. I started in 1976

with a gentlemen named Bill Russell and Raymond in the Bronx.We  all played different styles and they both taught me a few  lessons in how to musically offer selections based upon our history and taste. and not based on just  the art of mixing (blending) music.
In my humble opinion It’s all about  track selections and how to deliver the music proper to the lovers of music and dancers.I learned that   David Mancuso  of The Loft Parties in New York City made this method of playing music popular of which is still the way he prefer to move the dancers on the floor.
Dancing school also became instrumental in my style of music (I danced from age 3- to present) from where I received my name ” Legsudesire”…….   as for me?
I just love the art of music and dance !
Lydia Hinton.




Nov 20

Ms.Salter’s Fantasy (Inc. the smash hit “Bleep Blip Bloop”) Mixes b Chazz(S.A) & Blacks Backbone & Dj Kemit

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Release: Ms.Salter’s Fantasy (Inc. the smash hit “Bleep Blip Bloop”) Mixes b Chazz(S.A) & Blacks Backbone & Dj Kemit
Label: Cyberjamz/REB Records
Target Release Date: Nov 30,2015

The Legendary K.Joy returns to Cyberjamz Records with a collection of different music that picks up right where her previous house music hits left off! But there is something different: experience. While these tracks still move the dance floor, there is a sensuality and intention that only comes from the experience of Ms. Salter’s life.
BLEEP BLIP BLOOP (“SHOW YOURSELF” ZA DUB MIX) comes from K.Joy’s recent collaboration with the artists’ collaborative, Black’s Backbone and her longtime producer Chazz (from South Africa). Listen carefully to the multi-layered, catchy lyrics that, while seemingly silly, actually have meaning that goes deep and that the K.Joy vocals beautifully enhance!
MENTAL FANTASY (ORIGINAL DJ KEMIT DUB) marries a tribal house vibe with sensual, dreamy vocals that definitely smacks of fantasy. The work of DJ Kemit creates a mix that hits hard, yet still maintains a sexy, smooth groove. It’s here that we see the evidence of all Ms. Salter gained from her hiatus in Atlanta.
COOL & DRY CHAZZ REMIX brings back the Chicago house feel reminiscent of the early K.Joy work. This collaboration between K.Joy and Chazz creates a mix that hits hard, yet still maintains a sexy, basement, underground groove. House-heads rejoice…K.Joy is at it again!
UNUSUAL SUSPECTS FEAT. CHAZZ is a track that pays homage to house-heads across the nation and to Chip E’s documentary: The Unusual Suspects: Once Upon a Time In House Music, showing maturity as K.Joy enters into another phase of her metamorphosis. This dynamic pairing work together to bring you an unusual track that still manages to find that signature house sound K.Joy is known for.
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Nov 18

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records acknowledgement and appreciation goes to Tayo Wink

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Cyberjamz/Toupee Records appreciation & acknowledgement goes to the ultimate artist/producer – Tayo Wink.

This man need no introduction as he has been in the fore-front and involved with Cyberjamz/Toupee Records for a period of 6 + years at our headquarterz !

There are so many mixes and remixes by this artist/producer that I can’t post them all in this one thread.Top remixes of Rescue Poetix., Ejaye , Seductive Sapphire – Sheila Johnson , Mona Bode , Sal Negro to Brown Sugah – Sugah Lyrics and awesome collaborations with Maminstrumental , Dj Addvibe and more !

Keep your ear to the ground for a few hot upcoming E.P’s and remixes on both Cyberjamz and Toupee Records by our #1 producer.Tayo Wink is an extraordinary and genuine brother and I for one is looking forward for the rest of this year and in 2016.

I would to say Thank you for all the wonderful years and music for our label

artist/producer spot-light info here:
releases and catalog info:

Sammy Rock – Cyberjamz Radio/Records.

Nov 15

The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam with Special guest DJ Czezre – PodCast now up !

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The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam Music Series at Cyberjamz Internet Radio is rockin hard with Special guest DJ Czezre was off the hook ! download this fantastic set and hear why this music series is do dammmm good !!

Download CzezreCast here:

DJ Czezre was born and raised in the city of Newark. His love for music started at the young age of 5. He picked up his first instrument and began to teach himself note by note on guitar. He began to start reading music at the age of 9 and playing the trumpet in middle school with Eugene and Gene Phipps.
His love for becoming a DJ started when he was in middle school in 1980 with DJ Sahib Muhammad.
He carried on with his unique musical talent to Arts High School in Newark where his talents were enhanced even more by his music teachers Mr. Otis Brown and Bill Phipps. He was introduced to a mobile group G.O.L.D. Productions where he had met DJ Hulio, DJ
Paul Scott and DJ Deluxe. They immediately took him under their wing and mentored him in the art of counting beats, and other
turntable talents.


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Nov 13

The Cyberjamz / REB Records Remix contest information of’s release “Bleep Blip Bloop”

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The Cyberjamz / REB remix contest is on!! You now have access to all the K.Joy vocal stems for the new single “Bleep Blip Bloop” on the REB Records Remix page. Put together the best that you’ve got, and submit to the same page by January 1st to be eligible for the REB Remix competition.

Win 1st place, and you get to choose between K.Joy providing vocals on one of your tracks, or a single being produced/mixed by the Theft to the Gallows Production team. The Top Five, including the winner, will have their remixes on an exclusive EP released simultaneously by both Cyberjamz Records & REB Records in the very near future.

Upon approval, all producers will be able to use their remix in their live sets indefinitely regardless of winning or not.

So get to it, and be on the lookout for the next REB Remix Contest and awesome stems!!


STEMS of “Bleep Blip Bloop” – go to the home page and click on the drop-down menu for the BBB Remix

DOWNLOAD THE STEMS right from this page – -

**  upload your submissions back to the same page



REB Records -  - and  on Facebook -

Cyberjamz/Toupee Recs –
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Nov 08

The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam Music Series with Zaid Abdulrahim Nov 12,2015

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The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam is midway through as we featured yet another hot music programmer in Zaid Abdulrahim (NYC). Take a moment and listen n download this fantastic podcast.

stream or download ZaidCast here:

My name is Zaid Abdulrahim from Long Island, NY. I am the DJ/founder of Soulful Horizons Music which started in 2014 throwing its first parties in Harlem USA. My style of music is soulful and Afro House music that touches the spirit. As Louie Vega once told me his first advice to any DJ is to “Play from the heart”. From the humble beginnings of throwing my own events in order to get exposure we are excited to establish Soulful Horizons Music.

The story starts at about age 5 being blessed with a natural gift of dance. Being able to feel the music unlike others around me and interpret that into a dance motion that was considered very smooth and fluid. I continued to use that feeling to determine what is good music to my soul and what is not but what makes me move. I started off as a rapper at age 12 surrounded by Djs such as Biz Markie, Diamond Jay and Diamond Shell thus the introduction to beat production and studio exposure was given to me at a very impressioonable point in my life and has stuck with me ever since. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 01

Cyberjamz Radio presents the Autumn Slam Music Series w/ Special guest, Dj Ant B, Thursday, 11-5-15 10am-12pm EST

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Cyberjamz Radio continues to serve it proper by featuring some of the industry game changers and in this episode we are proud to include C.E.O of In the Zone Ent. and Nubang Clan brother Dj Ant B Inthezone.

If you missed this awesome set featured during our Autumn Slam Music Series then here is the AntCast for download !


Showtime: 10am – 12pm est at Cyberjamz Internet Radio. 



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Oct 28

Storms – Vanessa L. Smith feat Mixes by Dj Pistol Pete & Dj Eddie-Ed – Cyberjamz Records

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Storms – Vanessa L. Smith feat Mixes by Dj Pistol Pete & Dj Eddie-Ed….  Release Nov 09,2015 – Cyberjamz Records.






Oct 27

The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam Music Series with CoolSunnyT – Thursday Oct 29,2015

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If you missed Dj CoolSunnyT at our Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam Music Series last Thump-Day Thursday,then check out & download the CoolSunnyCAST here!




CoolSunnyT Bio

As an emerging DJ, CoolSunnyT who is also often called, “Moni the DJ”, makes no attempt to hide her love for music. Her musical ear takes in all that is good, new and true under the vast umbrella of smooth jazz, quiet storm, deep and soulful house music. Since her youth, CoolSunnyT has been encouraged to DJ given her natural ability to program blends; she also has a Masters and Bachelor’s degree; one of which is in Mass Communication – so the art & science of producing and mixing is very much part of her make up. Being heavily influenced by artists as wide and varied as Paul Hardcastle, Hiroshima, Sherry Winston, Regina Carter, Jean-Luc Ponty, The Isley Brothers, Four Play, Phyllis Hyman, Euge Groove, Louie Vega, Kerri Chandler & Jovonn, has led to a very eclectic and unique mixing style employed in each and every one of CoolSunnyT’s mixes, ensuring that each cut is a pure & melodic musical cruise through genres, emotions and moods. After much prodding from family and friends, she has FINALLY taken the plunge and is now officially DJing! You can experience the musical journey of her mix sessions on:


*Also come join her in thought provoking discussions surrounding music and share information on her blog:

Oct 22

Cyberjamz Records report – Local DJ lives American dream – DJ Spax-Vybz

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When some of his mates stayed in the country to pursue whatever courses that they wanted, Ketshephamang ‘DJ Spax-Vybz’ Baleseng wanted something different. He was born and bred in Botswana before taking off to New York (USA) to pursue his dreams. He went to study Music in Production and DJing at Scratch Academy. It has been 10 years since he landed there and with hard work he has created a name for himself.

He is a DJ, Producer, Promoter and Event Planner who spearheads the LET’EM entertainment Inc – a company that has been doing a great job of booking other Southern African and Global celebrity DJ’s for special guests events in the USA. Two years after settling in the Big Apple he had already started making a name for himself as an up and coming DJ playing in different venues and events across the Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx. “The crowds loved it,” he said. Shortly after that in 2008 he brought together his own fleet of DJs and music production experts to form LET’EM entertainment, derived from his surname in Setswana Baleseng. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 22

Special House of Soul Show featuring an exclusive interview w/KJoy Monday Oct 26 2015

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Cyberjamz Radio , The House of Soul and Cyberjamz Records in collaboration with REB Records bring to you this special opening mix by Soul Oasis & interview with the Legendary K.Joy of Chicago.We truly hope you can check out this show as we will be featuring a few pieces off her upcoming Ms.Salter’s Fantasy package coming in Nov. of 2015.

stream or download SoulCast here:

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Oct 20

Cyberjamz Radio 12th year Anniversary & Server Donation Drive w/DjHousecat (la gata de fuego) Podcast now up !

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Happy 12th year Anniversary to Cyberjamz Internet Radio (circa 2003 – present) – Music Marathon & Server Donation drive w/ The House of Soul – DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) in the Mix !


This set is fantastic and soulful. Here is the Podcat and playlist for your enjoyment.

download here -




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Oct 13

The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Music Slam Music Series w/ Dj Zion Thursday Oct 15,2015

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The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam Music Series continues with Dj Zion.This fantastic deep n soulful deejay is about to lay it down.

WOMAN POWER on Dex in full force !


Link to download ZionCast here –





Oct 13

Cyberjamz Internet Radio 12 year Anniversary & Server Donation Drive – Oct 16 to Oct 19,2015

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As CyberJamz Internet Radio celebrates 12 years of providing the community with an ever diverse lineup of talented and passionate music lovers who share their passion with the world, we are honored to have been able to keep the station free from subscription fees so that we can all continue to do what we love.
Built for the community, by the community, the 2015 CyberJamz  Donation Marathon runs from Friday, October 16 through Monday, October 19, 2015 and is a way for those who want to give back by donating to keep the server, website and organizational services running smoothly. It takes a minute to share the love, send what you can, show your appreciation for one another and for the CyberJamz Radio Music Programmers who have been giving generously of themselves throughout the past year. In return, Cyberjamz will be sending out (Promos,etc) to generous music lovers. If you are unable to donate, share the link and info.


This is a family effort, so thank you guys!

To donate via Paypal:

** ALSO those here in the chat .. plz call mny phone numnber and leave us a phone message with WHO you are and wish us a HAPPY 12 yr ANniversary so I can play during our closing set on Monday or record your message on your smartphone and email it to me at

LET THE phone ring and leave a voice message.
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