Jul 07

CyberJamz Radio official sponsor – REAL WOMEN HOUSE™

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Founded by Catherine Rowell, (DJ Housecat – La Gata de fuego), Real Women House™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting creative efforts through the Arts, literary works, music and dance. Based out of Hyattsville MD, Real Women House™ strives to connect across the global community to educate, support and uplift the entrepreneurial spirit of the artist. Real Women House™ was established on personal beliefs and the beliefs of the House Music Community that engender Love, Peace, Unity and Community. As a creative outlet, Real Women House reflects its founder’s personal interest in a variety of forms of Art.

for info contacthousecat@gmail.com

additional info – http://bit.ly/29QUUki

Real Women House T’s available now for a limited time

Ladies of House! represent in style with these tanks just as the weather is breaking!. Made for a woman by a woman, so that means no bulky fit, these tanks are cotton with a touch of spandex for a nice fit. These tanks are true to size, available in sizes M-XL, white and black. Payments can be made through paypal at ctrowell2@verizon.net. Tanks are 22.50 including shipping and handling. All questions and requests for orders should be sent to contacthousecat@gmail.com

** Payments are being accepted through Paypal addy is Jusdefacts@aol.com . When making a payment plz add the sizes you need,color of tee shirt and mailing address or you can send her an email with the info at contacthousecat@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!
Dj Housecat

Apr 13

Limited Edition Cyberjamz Radio Tee Shirts and hand towels avai for Sale

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Cyber TowlesCyberWHITE

Cyberjamz t-s in black and white are now available! Sizes M-L $20 and XL-3X $22, and embroidered or embossed hand towels with hooks $8.50. Payments are being accepted through Paypal, Jusdefacts@aol.com or sammyrock@mail.com with any questions.

Dec 31

Hippie Torrales introduces “Perfonix” ™ – A Revolutionary way to experience music

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PerformixThe Legendary Hippie Torrales has this new project called Perfonix ™. What is Perfonix?. Perfonix is a new patent pending technology that offers DJ’s and consumers a new way of listening to their audio. Get ready for it!!!!


It’s also a new way for your Dj gear to read music files in a new format and allows for the music programmer to do all sorts of neat things with the music and how it’s heard aka do your own remix and hear only the instruments you want or accapella on the fly. You need to see it in action to believe it. Hippie has all the details in reference this revolutionary way for us to play our music ! Why let all the big dawgs have all the fun when one of our own can create something way out of their league?

Read below for details and how to help Hippie Torrales achieve his vision and goal and be a part of the select few to experience Perfonix in all it’s glory.A Kickstarter page has been created for this excellent product.

Let us be a part of history !



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Aug 07

Cyberjamz & Toupee Records Music Group Pages now up at Facebook

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Since we have so many releases both on Cyberjamz,Toupee and sub labels Aziye Songaa,ManMachine Productions LLC & Lace Front Recordings,we have created music release group pages on Facebook.Below I’ve posted the group pages for both Cyberjamz and Toupee Records. Links provided to our sub labels respectively.

Cyberjamz Recordshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/cyberjamzrecords/

Toupee Recordshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/210071055842963/


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Jun 30

View Hands to the Sky – A Documentary about our House Music experience and outdoor events avail for sale June 28,2015

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A documentary about The uplifting and spirited experience of outdoor house
music movement now available for purchase  starting June 28,2015

watch the trailer and info here:

www.vimeo.com/ondemand/htts    or Rent : 5.99 Buy 14.99








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Mar 28

House of Soul w/ SammyRock aka Soul Oasis You Tube Cyberjamz Mix

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Mar 25

The House of Soul w/ Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego – March you tube mix

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Beautiful set by DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) live at Cyberjamz Radio Headquarterz March 23.2015.Set list posted below.

Catch The House of Soul w/SammyRock and DjHousecat (la gata de fuego) every Monday from 9am – 2pm est at cyberjamz.com Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 09

SammyRock aka Soul Oasis Cyberjamz Radio you tube Mix March 02,2015

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Here a nice set I hope you enjoy w/ SammyRock aka Soul Oasis of The House of Soul which aried LIVE at Cyberjamz Radio March 02,2015. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 08

The House of Soul w/DjHousecat (La gata de fuego) Cyberjamz Radio Mix

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The House of Soul w/ Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) Cyberjamz Radio Mix – March 02,2015.
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Feb 08

Carmen Mitchell aka Princess Tam Tam(R.I.P) interview with SammyRock aka Soul Oasis circa 2006

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This interview was conducted by the late Carmen Mitchell aka Princess Tam Tam (R.I.P) and I just had to share this while thinking of the great we both had during the time period of which this interview was written back in circa 2006 – 07. I truly miss Princess Tam Tam and not only was she a great friend but one of my artist on my label.She was a true supporter of our musical culture and is missed by many of our peers.

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Feb 08

Cyberjamz Internet Radio (est. in 2003)

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Cyberjamz Internet Radio (est. in 2003) has been in the forefront of our dance music community for well over 12 + years and proud of that accomplishment.As we continue  in this upcoming 12th year,our goal is the same, to serve our music community by providing the best in music and everything  under the umbrella of the genre dance.

As technology advances so does our opportunity to continue to support of our musical culture.Now you catch our shows via using the tune in radio mobile  application http://bit.ly/1tX09DY  ) and or yourmuze.fm  (Key search to find us is Cyber).

If time permits.take a moment and come experience what we have to offer at Cyberjamz Internet Radio.We also offer one of the most complete line-up of  shows and music programmers that provide house music sets  that you will find on the internet. Till this day most shows air live, 24/7 – 365 days a year  on both channel’s 1 & 2.If you miss any of your favorite deejay’s or shows,then check out our archives section which are always updated on a daily basis.

There is always something on at Cyberjamz Internet Radio Headquarters.

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Feb 08

Keep informed and up to date – Follow Cyberjamz Radio on Twitter & Facebook today !

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Keep up to date with what’s going on at Cyberjamz Internet Radio Headquarterz from music programmers to special events,from shows,archives and upcoming label releases,just follow us at: https://twitter.com/_cyberJAMZ




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Oct 29

A few tips on how to hear cyberJAMZ Internet Radio using a MAC computer

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Here are a  few tips for our Mac users trying to connect to Cyberjamz Internet Radio.

MAC plugin:


And for our MAC  Silverlight player:

Additionally you can listen via YourMuze.FM here:
Channel 1:http://www.yourmuze.fm/station/cyberjamz-channel-1-2?0
Channel 2:http://www.yourmuze.fm/station/cyberjamz-channel-2?1


We also found that you can copy and paste our live link into your Safari or Firefox browser and that should open up the stream using your default player.This worked a few of our listeners but I have yet to test this option out and I need someone to confirm.

Channel 01 – http://cyberjamz.com/live.asx

Channel 92 – http://cyberjamz.com/live2.asx





Dec 22

Tribute to Dj Man-X(R.I.P) mixed by The House of Soul

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It was sometime last year that we have lost one of our music scene’s most influential members and great friend Thomas Spiegel aka Dj Man-X of Deep Haven Records.

We hope you enjoy this Tribute Music Mix Vol # 1 – Dedicated to Dj Man-X (R.I.P). This mix is mixed and compiled by The House of Soul – Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis & Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) and Vol .2 will be offered soon.

Download this set here

Stream set here



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Nov 30

Follow the Leader – Cyberjamz Internet Radio est in 2003

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Follow the Leader – The official Cyberjamz Internet Radio  – The first ever if it’s kind (est. in 2003) as we are 10 yrs strong in the making.

Read full bio and history of founder C.E.O of the award winning Cyberjamz Internet Radio




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