NuBang Clan – Dj Housecat – la gata de fuego aka The Dragon Cat aka BangKat

The Story of Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) THE DRAGON CAT aka BangKAT – Nubang Clan 2013.

After many hours, days and in just a few years my Si-Mui (student) Dj Housecat has now completed her vigorous music training and now is officially a NuBang Clan Family To-Dai. She is now in meditation mode and ready to take her musical sword onto the battlefield… The woman we call Dj Housecat has many disguises and may appear as the following:  “BANG DRAGON CAT”  aka KittyBang.. aka CathyBang.. and when in battle mode.. simply BangKat (with a K) but in any case, whatever her mission is for music, she will come with humility and a certain sense of spirituality….. but make NO mistake about it! that is the power behind this Dragon Cat and she will use her life force to demand, then take command of the mix until she hypnotizes her musical opponents, then aims for the kill. Then and only then will she make herself ready 4 the world!   –

Armed and trained by her mentor: SammyRock – The Sensei Drunken Monk

The Dragon  Cat

The dragon is probably the most universal of all mythical creatures. It is most frequently described as a great flying reptile, a ferocious and untamed (but not necessarily evil) beast which embodies in many cultures the elemental forces of chaos and cosmic order.
Dwelling in the dark caverns of the earth, with lungs of fire, wings of a bird and scales of a fish, the dragon epitomizes the four elements of the ancient world, unifying them into a single presence that can inspire the imagination and haunt our dreams. The dragon carries opposite meanings representing the paradox at the heart of our being – the mutual dependence of light and dark, creation and destruction, male and female. But more than any other symbol, the dragon also embodies the unifying force underlying these opposites. In itself, it is neither good or bad, but symbolizes the primal energy upholding the material world, which can be turned to either good or evil purposes.

The SoulCat Show w/ SammyROck aka Soul Oasis (The Drunken Monk) & Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) –
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