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Wanna be a Special guest for our House set to Cyberjamz Radio? then read it and do it!

Ok guys..it’s YOUR turn to deliver a Gospel House set to Cyberjamz Radio as we feature a music programmer from across the globe every Sunday from 11am – 1pm est USA TIME. **If you are interested in being featured for this program, please submit a 2-hour set, DJ picture and short bio with links to …

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Sal Negro “This is my Neighbourhood” – AYIZE SONGAA RECORDINGS

Complete Album Review & Pick of the Week goes to Sal Negro “This is my Neighborhood”  AYIZE SONGAA RECORDINGS When we hear the name Sal Negro, we quickly know the titles of “Afro and Cuban” together of which becomes synonymous with his famous “Afro-Cuban Experience Shows. Sal is back in 2020 armed with a masterful …

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Cyberjamz Records welcome Deep FX feat. Anaud Strong “”I fell in Love with You” coming soon!

We at Cyberjamz – Toupee & DeeperSide of Cyberjamz Records welcome Anaud Strong to our record label and is about to release his first vocal track on our Cyberjamz Record label Friday July 31,2020 at traxsource.com . Anaud has teamed up with deep house producer Deep FX of which is in a class by himself …

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The Ride EP (Beatsz Toolz & Jamz) Vol #3 DASH – Toupee Records

DASH returns with yet another slamming ass EP with a few beat-down reworks,Toolz & Jamz to rock any set! If you haven’t grabbed Vol 1 & 2,make sure you support them both on your way out the door. OUT NOW The Ride EP (Beatsz Toolz & Jamz) Vol #3 DASH – “Spiritual Festival” , “N …

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The Summer Slam Music Series feat. Deejay /Producer Elliott Venegas (DJEV)

What a hot show this was featuring deejay – producer DJEV – Elliott Venegas. This set is filled with jams out on Cyberjamz,Toupee and DeeperSIDE of Cyberjamz. There are also quite a few killer tracks not out on the labels. Download this set and rock it out! Stream or download Podcast here: https://bit.ly/2Wce1ia *no playlist …

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Cyberjamz Radio now streaming video at Twich TV

Cyberjamz Radio will begin to stream also at http://Cyberjamz.TV at Twitch. Info coming next week! All shows are streaming at http://cyberjamz.com

Zona Soul feat. Eduardo Cortes – Y Tu Aguela Aonde Ejta? deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz

Hot Release Alert! Zona Soul feat. Eduardo Cortes – Y Tu Aguela Aonde Ejta? deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz Target release date July 10,2020 OUT NOW Y Tu Aguela Aonde Ejta? Tayo Wink (Zona Soul) – https://bit.ly/3fg1Nw9 Tayo Wink aka Zona Soul feat Eduardo Cortes is a serious old school spoken-word piece that is very popular in …

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CalvinSo’s SuperSoul EP Vol#1 – Cyberjamz Recs

CalvinSo’s SuperSoul EP Vol#1 – Cyberjamz Recs Here we go! After a short hiatus, CalvinSol returns with another banging EP with a few favorite reworks,edits and original pieces to fit any mix. All the tracks are slammin,so dance like nobody’s watching! OUT NOW SuperSoul EP (Vol#1) CalvinSol – https://bit.ly/389wj8z reworked by CalvinSol *All rights reserved. …

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The Birthday EP – DJ Punch – Toupee Records

The Birthday EP – DJ Punch – Toupee Recs. out now – https://bit.ly/2UAPKRY Dj Punch is back another dope EP Baby Powder Style! This time he celebrates his birthday along-side the Purple One Prince. Rock these till ya drop! re-produced and re-wired by Dj Puch for Baby Powder Music *All rights Reserved

Dj Lucky Santiago pres: Strutamentals Music Series V.1 – Cyberjamz Records

Hot Release Alert – Dj Lucky Santiago pres.Strutamentals Music Series Vol.1 Cyberjamz Records. OUT NOW Strutamentals V1 DJ Lucky Santiago – Ab Shabazz Cyberjamz – https://bit.ly/385e0RK OMG, What can we say about this hot producer other than the featured tracks in this spectacular EP are exactly what deejays and dancers would want to hear at …

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Young SA featuring Seductive Sapphire “You make me feel” (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records)

PICK IT UP OUT NOW! – You Make Me Feel Seductive Sapphire, Sir Young SA Deeper Side of Cyberjamz Records – https://bit.ly/3hFsz2N Courtesy of South African DJ/producer Sir Young SA (aka Moloko Mangany) and spoken word artist Seductive Sapphire comes the huge “You make me feel” a tantalizing afro-deep track which combines the one-of-a-kind poetry …

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Hot Release Alert! DjPunch Zanzibar presents: Baby Powder Traxx EP – Vol.#2 – Toupee Recs.

Hot Release Alert! DjPunch Zanzibar presents: Baby Powder Traxx EP – Vol.#2 – Toupee Recs. Dj Punch is back with another slammin EP featuring a few of his hidden gems out his vault. If you haven’t grabbed Vol.#1 yet check it out here –> https://bit.ly/3dJjbJ3

Tier Ra Nicni & Seductive Sapphire – The Energy – Toupee Recs 2020

Tier Ra Nich and Seductive Sapphire team up to bring you this deep house joint with a touch of tech and spoken-word lyrics sprinkled throughout the dark chords and lovey keyboards. This is for the open-minded music programmer that enjoys playing different without losing its deep house audience. Think Detroit Tech on this jam! out …

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Musa Stretch presents: Musa’s Cure – Mansa Music Mix – Toupee Records 2020

Hot Release Alert – Musa Stretch – Musa’s Cure – Mansa Music Mix coming May 22,2020 – Toupee Recs OUT NOW Dope EP Mista Foster The EP – https://bit.ly/38nVJ2d Whooooooooooo!! This joint right here is simply why I love our music so much. Musa Stretch delivers a beautiful vocal piece that I’m sure most deejays …

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Mona Bode – Missing You, My First Love, So Seduce Me – Johnny Dangerous & DJ Hakuei Remixes

Hot Release Alert: Mona Bode – Missing You, My First Love, So Seduce Me – Johnny Dangerous & DJ Hakuei Remixes. Target release date Friday, May 15,2020 – Cyberjamz OUT NOW Missing You/My First Love/So Seduce Me (The Remixes) https://bit.ly/2X5rYxX Mona Bode returns armed with a set of fantastic remixes of her classic “My First …

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