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Blame it on the Music – Calvin Morgan feat. RescuePoetix™

Cyberjamz Records continues to release some of the nicest music out there with fantastic artist and producers representing their unique styles in music.,Here we have “Blame it on the Music” – Calvin Morgan feat. RescuePoetix™  with hot mixes by Phil Hooton & Buza Freaq.           Blame it on the Music – …

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Pako Dj Rocco & Roby Mass – Your Funk E.P – Cyberjamz

CJ107 Pako Di Rocco & Roby Maas             Music Vid –> Pick it up ! ->     CJ107 Pako Di Rocco & Roby Maas   Mike Fossati of Sprit of House CJ107 Pako Di Rocco & Roby Maas Your Funk E.P 1)C’mon Get Up 6:52 2)Respect Mix  …

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“You” – Mona Bode feat.Nkosi Cain – ManMachine Music Productions LLC

CJMM007 YOU Mona Bode Mixes by D’Anthony,Jonny Montana and Sal Negro 1)Dj D’Anthony Original Mix 5:05 2)Jonny Montana Remix  6:16 3)Jonny Montana Keystrumental Mix 5:30 4)Sal Negro Falling in Love (Asi Te Quiero)Vocal Mix 7:15 5)Sal Negro Falling in Love (Asi Te Quiero) Instrumenal Mix 7:13 Lyrics for “You” are performed by Mona Bode & …

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“The Deeper Sounds of NeighbourBoysa SA” feat.RescuePoetix™ out now ! !

    NeighbourBoysa returns with another slamming package coming soon to Cyberjamz Records Entitled”The Deeper Sounds of NeighbourBoysa SA” feat RescuePoetix™ .           OUT NOW !!  Pick it up —>     *Pick up the original mixes of Soul-diers of House – RescuePoetix™ – Mixes by Dj Sound Science,Tayo Wink,Soul-Cat …

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The Inspiration E.P Vol #2 – Yusuke Hiraoka aka Mr.ysk-Cyberjamz

Lovely display of music in this E.P Mr.ysk is taking our music on a traditional journey !               The Inspirtaion E.P – Yusuke Hiraoka OUT NOW! – CJ104 “The Inspiration E.P” Vol #2 Yusuke Hiraoka 1)Summer Breeze 6:11 2)Survivor 7:10 3)Komorebi  5:22 4)Koto  7:06 All Tracks are Produced, …

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I Am Woman – Charity Remix Project – K.Joy – Cyberjamz Records

Cyberjamz Records and feat.Various Artist in this collective men & women for WCN100% proceed of sales will go towards the WCN (Women’s Cancer Network).This is unique time to make a differance and save someone’s life!! We are counting on YOU! The lovers of music to participate in this joint effort. out now !*For …

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Soul-diers of House-RescuePoetix™ – Cyberjamz Records

Here we go !! Another hot release by RescuePoetix™ out now !! [img][/img] out now !         Here we go !! Another hot release by RescuePoetix%u2122 The dancefloor offers a life that cannot be seen by the light of the sun. When dusk peeks over the horizon, the world of the …

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Cyberjamz Compilation Vol #5 – Various Artist – out now !

Available now on Traxsource- Cyberjamz Compilation Vol 5 a House 101. Joints from Producers: Soul-Cat, Tayo Wink, Gallo, RedDeep, K’Alexi, Maminstrumental, Yusuke Hiraoka, SoulmanT, Sahib Muhammad, Tier Ra Nichi…. It’s a global House thing. Various “Cyberjamz Compilation Vol #5” (Cyberjamz Records CD Promo) Since the first release back in July 2007, Cyberjamz Records have …

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In the Spotlight: Heather Walker “I gave you my heart” The Unreleased Project Part 1

                              “I gave you my Heart” – Heather Walker – Unreleased Project Part One  out now ! Cat # CJ101 I gave you my Heart The Unreleased Project  Pt. 1 HEATHER WALKER   1) Yusuke Hiraoka  Vocal Mix  (6:39) 2) …

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Maminstrumenal pres: The Apulia E.P – Cyberjamz 100th Release !

Maminstrumental – Italy is BACK with this BANGING E.P filled of Love,life and Hope.. coming soon to Cyberjamz Records !! 100th Release Celebration for the label.                   Out now !       Maminstrumental presents “Apulia EP” (CyberJamz Records CD Promo) First things first – congratulations …

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Release pick of the week “One Love,One Solomon” – T.Solomon.

Release pick of the week “One Love,One Solomon” – T.Solomon.   It’s HERE !! finally the long awaited Album by the legendary T-Solomon.. This Album consist of wonderful songs with lyrics that are out of this world !!         out now ! Blak Fiya Records

Sounding Planet E.P – NeighbourBoysa – Cyberjamz Records

                out now !!   out now !!   or     CJ096 Sounding Planet E.P NeighbourBoysa 1) Isangoma in Afrika (Afro Tech Mix) 7:45 2) MoroPa – o – tlaPela – Seatla 9:32 3) Village for Humankind  9:14 4) SpoKo – Metsing  10:18 …

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Thinking of You – Sharon Brown – Jersey Maestros Mix-Cyberjamz Records

    pick up this nice mix by Jersey Maestros out now !!  – Cyberjamz Records

“Sounding E.P” – Neighbour Boy S.A – Cyberjamz Records

Cyberjamz records(Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis) picked-up the underground talented producer ‘Neighbour Boy’ all the way from South Africa,these man was just going underground and finaly the one and only Sammy Rock gave him a space to stay at cyberjamz records and internet radio,these is the first E.P by Neighbour Boy at cyberjamz and look …

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The Caramel Kissess E.P-Ejaye – Tayo Wink Mixes