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Maminstrumenal pres: The Apulia E.P – Cyberjamz 100th Release !

Maminstrumental – Italy is BACK with this BANGING E.P filled of Love,life and Hope.. coming soon to Cyberjamz Records !! 100th Release Celebration for the label.                   Out now !       Maminstrumental presents “Apulia EP” (CyberJamz Records CD Promo) First things first – congratulations …

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Release pick of the week “One Love,One Solomon” – T.Solomon.

Release pick of the week “One Love,One Solomon” – T.Solomon.   It’s HERE !! finally the long awaited Album by the legendary T-Solomon.. This Album consist of wonderful songs with lyrics that are out of this world !!         out now ! Blak Fiya Records

Sounding Planet E.P – NeighbourBoysa – Cyberjamz Records

                out now !!   out now !!   or     CJ096 Sounding Planet E.P NeighbourBoysa 1) Isangoma in Afrika (Afro Tech Mix) 7:45 2) MoroPa – o – tlaPela – Seatla 9:32 3) Village for Humankind  9:14 4) SpoKo – Metsing  10:18 …

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Thinking of You – Sharon Brown – Jersey Maestros Mix-Cyberjamz Records

    pick up this nice mix by Jersey Maestros out now !!  – Cyberjamz Records

“Sounding E.P” – Neighbour Boy S.A – Cyberjamz Records

Cyberjamz records(Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis) picked-up the underground talented producer ‘Neighbour Boy’ all the way from South Africa,these man was just going underground and finaly the one and only Sammy Rock gave him a space to stay at cyberjamz records and internet radio,these is the first E.P by Neighbour Boy at cyberjamz and look …

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The Caramel Kissess E.P-Ejaye – Tayo Wink Mixes

Soul-diers of House – RescuePoetix™ coming soon !

Track Master E.P – Dj Elementz – Cyberjamz Records


Ejaye – The Voice – The Caramel Kissess E.P out now Cyberjamz Records

If YALL didnt know…well know you know.. EJAYE is in the Bullding ! Leave a message plz. Stay tuned as her upcoming release on Cyberjamz Records entitled “Caramel Kissess” wtih Mixes by Tayo Wink will hit your favorite digital  on-line store. Out now !!

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Corners of my Mind-Brown Sugah-Cyberjamz

It I were a house song – Mona Bode – ManMachine Music Proudctions LLC

If I were a House Song – Mona Bode Written by Mona Bode’ , Tory Tolbert , Desiree Lucy Winston…you ladies always have my back..thank you   DJ.ROB REDFORD – MAN MIX , TUFF LUV MIX, DEEPER MIX DJ. AQUABEAT – DJ AQuaBeaT REMIX , DJ AQuaBeaT INSTUM.     out now   A …

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The Caramel Kissess E.P – Ejaye -Tayo Wink Mixes

             CJ095 Ejaye The Caramel Kissess E.P 1)The EBS (Ejaye Broadcast System – Tayo Wink Soul Mix) 2)Save The Day (Main Mix) 3)Magic DJ (Tayo Wink Sexy Inhibitions Mix) 4)House (Can’t Sit Still) Vocals by Ejaye All tracks produced,mix and arranged by Tayo WInk A & R Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis for Coyote …

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Track Master E.P – Dj Elementz – Cyberjamz Records

Cyberjamz Records continue with yet another banging release “Track Master E.P” by Dj Elementz ..Wait till yall hear this one !! 🙂 Target         out now !   or                                   TRACK MASTER EP       THE CRATE (El’s Fat Special Mix) produced, …

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Tayo Wink X-Klussive Remixes – Toupee Records

  Tayo Wink comes correct with this set of Xclussive Remixes out on Toupe and now on Cyberjamz Records.                   Pick this up  out at     Shy   “If I  fall in love” (Tayo Wink Bang the Beat Mix) Y.Adamz “Be still” (Tayo …

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Corners of my Mind-Brown Sugah-Dj Elementz,John Crockett & Sergi Negri

  Cat#CJ093 Corners of my Mind – Brown Sugah (Incl.Mixes by Dj Elements,John Crockett & Serge Negri out now !! or

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