Your Pain -“Harold Brandon IN BLUEBLACKNESS” – The Original Story Part 1 – Cyberjamz Records 2015.

Cat# CJ154

Title: Your Pain – The Original Story (Part 1)
Artist: Harold Brandon “IN BLUEBLACKNESS”
Label: Cyberjamz Records
Target Release Date Oct 26,2015


Freekin nice piece !

Your Pain – In BlueBlackness – The Original Story (Part One)\

out now


Dammmm !!!! is all I can say about this upcoming banging release by Chicago’s own Harold Brandon “IN BLUEBLACKNESS”. This particular piece is unique and stand on it’s own as the vocals and music are just mesmerizing.What I find most dope about this release are the lyrics of which most of us can relate when you we a broken heart or situation which causes us inner pain… therefore forgiving and sharing YOUR PAIN too.I’m finding it difficult to put this piece in a certain genre of music,cause it can be deep & soulful.. yet techy and electronica.

You decide !

This is a true dance floor gem that you will find powerful as you close your eyes and let the music take you to that special place.This story will continue as we will be featuring “Your Pain” – The Re-told Story (part 2) .Slammin’ remixes by the hot Tayo Wink,hWah & Dj Buzzard  respectively as they offer their interpretation of this story line.

Just when you thought it was over.. come NeighbourboySA with “Your Pain” –  The South African Untold Story (part 3)  These mixes are absolutely phenomenal !!!


1) Dj Quad “IN BLUEBLACKNESS”. – Original Mix (10:11)


produced and written by Darren H. Brandon, “IN BLUEBLACKNESS” productions
DHB Music ASCAP 2015

cover: JorgeGraphix

licencing and contact:


Keep your ear to the Ground – Cyberjamz Records 2015.


A&R SammyRock for Coyote Entertainment 2015.