Young SA featuring Seductive Sapphire “You make me feel” (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records)

PICK IT UP OUT NOW! – You Make Me Feel
Seductive Sapphire, Sir Young SA Deeper Side of Cyberjamz Records –

Courtesy of South African DJ/producer Sir Young SA (aka Moloko Mangany) and spoken word artist Seductive Sapphire comes the huge “You make me feel” a tantalizing afro-deep track which combines the one-of-a-kind poetry by Seductive Sapphire with inebriant synth melodies and deeply groovin’ rhythms. The cherry on top are the excellent truly varied remixes by DJ Punch, DJ WM J and Musa Stretch all adding their unique touch to take the track to the next level.

Michael Fossti

all lyrics and vocals performed by Sheila Johnson (Seductive Sapphire)
Sheila Johnson BMI 2016

produced by Sir Young SA

Track #2 Dj Punch Remix produced by Dj Punch for Baby Powder Music
Track #3 produced by Musa Stretch for Mansa Music
Track #4 produced by Dj WM J

mastered at Zona Soul Studios, Fajardo PR

Another SoulCat Joint 2020

Keep it to the ground.. deeerSIDE of Cyberjamz 2020