Welcome Eddie Ramos – HouseologistatWurk to our labels

Cyberjamz* Toupee * DeeperSIDE of Cyberjamz Records welcome producer Eddie Ramos/HouseologistatWurk to our labels.

Eddie Ramos/HouseologistatWurk

I was born in 1960. I started listening to music through my Father and my family. I come from a family of 15 siblings. In 1975 I started competing in various block parties dance contests in break dancing. I first learned djing through my brother Mike. Though it wasn’t his passion it became mine. From there I started djing at block parties, weddings, sweet sixteens, house parties, boat rides, etc… Now in the present, I have played at LP’s Harmony alongside Dj Curly Bobby Morales & Dj Classic, I have played at the Sev Lounge with Dj Evon Scott & Dj Chris Perry, I have played at Rockaway Beach with Henry Figueroa & Eddie Santana and I also played at Geridines with Henry Figueroa.

Though I haven’t been active for quite some time now in any outside or club events I never lost my passion and love for music. In the midst of me not playing anywhere at this time, I continued to play music in my home for me and my family because of my love and passion I have for it. Most importantly I didn’t want to lose track of that feeling you know that music feeling that we get and have as DJs and music lovers. Now because of some good peoples Elliot Venegas and Sammy Rock who took their time out to give me a shot of my skills for my music, I now have been blessed to share my Tracks on Bandcamp & Traxsource.

Check-out my Bandcamp page https://houseologistwurk.bandcamp.com/
Everything Eddie Ramos http://bit.ly/3gA7Mh0

Eddie Ramos