Wake County Separation Agreement

15. Support for Mary. John agrees to pay Mary as alimony for her exclusive use and to pay $600 per month in cash on the first day of each calendar month, effective April 1, 1997. These payments will continue until the first event of the following events: (i) the death of Mary, (ii) the remarriage of Mary, (iii) the death of Desartus, iv) the cohabitation of Mary with an unrelated adult or (v) on November 1, 2010. Under no circumstances, under any circumstances, the dependant payments cannot be made beyond November 1, 2010 and end with payment for The month of November 2010, unless they are terminated earlier by The death of John, the death of Mary or the remarriage of Mary (marriage is declared in church or civil marriage after the issuance of a marriage permit in the jurisdiction where it was performed ( 1) cohabitation. The parties also agree that there is no liability for the payment of any of the above support payments for a period after Mary`s death and that there is no liability for payments (cash or property) in lieu of such payments after Mary`s death. Any monthly payment that is not paid when due under this agreement is paid up to 9% per year between the due date and payment. Mary accepts the payments that are listed in this section and are provided under this section in full satisfaction and billing all her rights, claims and claims against John for assistance, maintenance and maintenance. The provisions relating to Marie`s assistance, maintenance and maintenance scheme are independent of a division or ownership-sharing agreement between the parties and are not considered in any way to be part of the treatment of the real estate of the parties integrated or integrated into the real estate bill of the parties. This document was established by the combined legal representation of the parties inside; most of the language is complex.

You can gain a better understanding of the divorce laws in North Carolina, which were involved in the development of this separation-type agreement by visiting the home page and selecting each topic most relevant to your divorce. Child care and child support are not discussed in this document. 31. Full agreement. This agreement, along with all the exhibits and timetables on it, contains the parties` full understanding of the purpose; and there are no other assurances, guarantees, alliances or commitments than those mentioned. This agreement replaces and replaces all previous agreements and agreements reached by the parties. There are a few sites that allow you to design your own separation agreement with a form without a lawyer. That`s a big mistake. We have tried to help clients who have had to fight in court because of the gaps and gaps in these agreements. Without the help of a lawyer who practices family law in North Carolina and has experience in family law litigation, you could end up with an unenforceable or non-protective agreement.