Vipr Agreement

No agreement has been reached. Please try to change your search criteria. If you have equipment under an existing forest service agreement or if you plan to meet a request for equipment, use the VIPR app. Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR) is a web-language forest services application for the management of incident purchase framework contracts (I-BPAs- formerly known as emergency equipment leases or EERAs). The application supports the results of the 2005 USDA-OIG audits, which require the Forest Service to implement a stricter approach to pre-season incident management. IMPORTANT: Agreements are .pdf files. To view .pdf files, Adobe Reader VIPR pre-season contracts must be available for the following device/service categories: In the vendor`s app, click the My Agreements tab to view your agreements and/or respond to modified agreements. At the page of the provider`s app, you can click on the “Help Online” link to find more detailed instructions. Enter the contract number with the right format (AG-xxxx-B-7- or 12xxxxYT7) VIPR is a web forest service application designed to request, assign and manage I-BPAs before the season (Incident Blanket Agreement Purchases).

The agreements made via VIPR are competitive based on the best value for money. This website contains important information and instructions for suppliers via the VIPR program, including: the steps needed to become a supplier, links to the software needed to open and edit electronic VIPR queries, VIPR user logs and a web tutorial, links to shipping priority and award-winning VIPR agreements. IMPORTANT: The information posted on this website is related to the contract agents (CO) of the agreement and to the region and the co housing unit. If a CO maintains an agreement for a region other than its own, the Dispatch Centre host of the agreement is listed under the Co-Region and the original unit, NOT in the area where the Dispatch Center is located. NOTE: If the agreement you are seeking has been requested at the national level (for example, crew carrier bus. B, refrigerated trailers and GIS units), the agreements under R13 (National) are listed under the host dispatch centre chosen by the supplier when it responded to the request.