Unibz Bilateral Agreement

Our International Relations Office supports both foreign exchange students (arrival) and Unibz students who wish to study at one of our partner universities (from). 39 0471 015000email. Design-art@unibz.itWebsite www.unibz.it/faculties/design-art/ consult in the course Catalogue.As an exchange student you can choose courses from the faculty in which you are enrolled. If you would like to visit studies from other faculties, please contact us at our email address: international.relations@unibz.it.Please note that the Faculty of Education is located in Brixen-Bressanone and that the bachelor`s program in tourism, sport and event management is located in Bruneck-Brunico (about 75 km from Bolzano). Once your LA is complete, send it for approval to the person you have at unibz. The welcome session is held before the start of each semester. During this meeting, you will receive all the necessary information to study and live in Bolzano, Brixen-Bressanone and Bruneck-Brunico. During the session, you will receive your student card and your unibz network user information. BA in Design, BA in Art: Prof. Roberto Gigliotti – roberto.gigliotti@unibz.it – 39 0471 015229 Once we have received the official appointment of your home university, we send you a link that invites you to conclude your registration online as an exchange student at unibz: We offer accommodation in two different residences in Bolzano-Bolzano in single or double rooms (depending on availability) for about 250-300 euros per month. Students in exchange for a non-EU agreement receive accommodation. Please note that all residency contracts require a commitment of 5 months for one semester and 10 months for a full year of study. If you intend to stay less, you will have to pay for the duration of the contract.

For private accommodations, you can take a look at our blog. The Free University of Bolzano has signed 109 exchange agreements under the Erasmus programme and 29 bilateral agreements with universities around the world, from Finland to Spain, from the United States to Taiwan. The number of programs is increasing year after year. Mobile. 39 377 2491738. 39 0471 015194fax. `39 0471 015009. hans.hoeger@unibz.it entered into exchange agreements with some universities that do not participate in the Erasmus programme. The fourth semester (30 ECTS) is devoted to research-based work. The final exam consists of a thesis written by the student in English on an original project or research activity. The final examination is carried out in collaboration between a professor at the University of Bologna or Bolzano as lead tutor and a teacher (co-tutor) from the other universities of the consortium (Bolzano or Bologna) or other partner universities that have entered into a bilateral agreement with the consortium.

MA in Eco-Social Design: Prof. Kris Krois – kris.krois@unibz.it – `39 0471 015224 Our goal is to promote the individual talent of our students; to support them in the development of their professional skills and to provide them with the practical and intellectual tools that enable them to play their role as designers in and in society. The success of the competition gives you the status of a student in exchange with the following benefits: the award of tuition fees to the partner university, access to the services and institutions of the partner university on the same terms as local students, financial scholarship, recognition of academic activities. University Headquarters 1 39100, Bozen-Bolzano (BZ) Italy The field offices are coordinated by the EMSE project leader. In addition to the establishment of teaching and research as an educational institution, our faculty also has a responsibility to contribute to the cultural and economic development of South Tyrol.