The Gathering – Dj Spax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah (Mixes by & Sheldon So Goode & Dj Nastor ) – Cyberjamz Records

The Gathering – Dj Spaxx-vybz featuring Brown Sugah
Cyberjamz Records


Brown Sugah joint is bangin ! out now Traxsource and

The Gathering by Dj Spax-vybz feat BROWN SUGAH – but it at or



The Gathering is a spiritual song, Brown Sugah comes at you straight from the heart of a true music lover and dancer. You feel that from the beginning of her song. We gather to heal, We gather to feel thru beats, rythyms and harmonies. Understanding that music is a universal Healing force.This lovely package comes with mixes by Dj Spax-vybz,Dj Nastor and Sheldon So Goode.Kafele also represents heavy with his trumpet piece throughout this marvelous track.We will let the lyrics and music speak for itself as we Gather to Love…


Brown Sugah “The gathering” (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Last year in August, we introduced you to “The gathering” by Brown Sugah, a true dancers delight. The unrivaled inspirational spoken word poetry by Brown Sugahis taken to the next level on these brand new remixes by the likes of DJ Spax-vybz, DJ Nastor, Sheldon So Goode and Kafele (who impresses with his trumpet play on his interpretation) all adding their signature mesmerizing deep/afrotastic touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version. Undoubtedly, this latest offering from CyberJamz Records is a truly dazzling production guaranteed to jam pack the floor and send the dancers into a frenzy…


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1.DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering (Original mix)
2.DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering (Original Instrumental Mix)
3. DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering (Kafele’s trumpet touch Mix)
4. DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering (Kafele’ s trumpet instrumental mix)
5. DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering ( Kafele’s trumpet touch Reprise Mix)
6. DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering ( Sheldon So Goodie JLFM Remix)
7. DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah- The Gathering (Sheldon So Goodie JLFM instrumental Remix)
8. DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering (Dj Nastor Remix)
9. DjSpax-vybz feat. Brown Sugah – The Gathering (Dj Nastor Instrumental Remix)



All lyrics written and performed by Brown Sugah

A Sugah Lyrics Production

Janine Q. Lyons BMI

Shedon “So Goode” music BMI


Ketshephamang Baleseng
Publisher : LET’EM entertainment, Inc.

‘Dj Nastor’
Nhlakanipho Dlamini
Publisher: Phushi Plan Music

JorgeG Graphix – Coyote Entertainment



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