Hot Release Alert: Tayo Wink’s “Mezcla” – Cyberjamz Records 2017

title: Mezcla
artist: Tayo Wink
label: Cyberjamz Records
Target release date Friday Jan 13,2016

As many may now know, Tayo Wink is one of the hottest producers on both of our labels respectively.In this package we have a slammin afro-groove joint full of deep African roots attached to make this one a favorite for any dancer or dance floor.

Score another one for Cyberjamz Records & Tayo Wink cause this is indeed a quality release !

Release tracks:

1)Mezcla (Tayo Wink Barrio Culebra Mix) (8:19)
2)Tayo Wink-Mezcla (Brujeria Soul Mix) (8:42)
3)Tayo Wink-Mezcla (Brujeria Beats Mix) (3:58)

produced,mixed and re-arranged by Tayo Wink

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Keep your ear to the Ground – Cyberjamz Records 2017