Tap 2 – RescuePoetix(tm)-The Universal Coalition Remixes – Toupee Records 2016

Release:Tap 2 – RescuePoetix(tm)- (The Universal Coalition Remixes with Mixes by Tayo Wink,Young Dj,Nad,D4 Deep,Frank Williams & Tonic)
Label: Toupee Records

Tap2 – RescuePoetix(tm) – The Universal Coalition Remixes by Tayo Wink,Young Dj,Nad,D4 Deep,Frank Williams & Tonic out now and OH did I mention it’s an Afro-Essential ?

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T2 as we call it, is better known as Tap Part 2 by RescuePoetix™ . Tap gets a serious set of remixes represented by US producers and producers from across the world.Featuring producers from South Africa,Newark New Jersey,Texas and Toronto Canada respectively.All of these producers come together to create a Universal Coalition Production Collaboration Team second to none.In this group we have the hot Young Dj (SA), Tayo Wink (USA),Frank Williams (Toronto Canada),D4 – Deep Sounds (SA), Nad (SA) & Tonic (Global). Each one of these producers bring a unique vision of select sounds ranging from deep, soulful, afro house to broken beat and tech-house. This variety in different sounds is what makes this package so appealing.

Tap to the drums that drive our bodies to dance… music that connects us to our Ancestors and to one another.. Tap to dance..… Tap to move your body .. Tap ! Tap ! Tap !


1)Young Dj AfroRhythm (6:54) The hot Young dj out of South Africa delivers an “AfroRhythm” piece to make your head nod while the sensual voice and lyrics of RescuePoetix™ compel you to the dance floor

2)Tayo Wink Massive Rhythms Mix (7:17) Next we have another hot producer in Tayo Wink who has been on fire as of late. Tayo delivers a “Massive Rhythms Mix”: soulful to the core and stays true to the vibe that house heads relate to when getting lost in the music

3)Frank Williams Safari Mix (8:13) New to the label is the talented Frank Williams with a banging percussion filled “Safari Mix”, which brings out the best in dancers while you TAP your feet to the beat.This particular mix is one of my favorite off this awesome package.

4)D4-Deep So-Easy-Remix (6:46) Also on the A-list of mixes is D4 (Deep Sounds) “So Easy Remix” that is smooth and sexy with silky afro rhythms and has its place on the dance floor, wrapped in seductive tones, daring the dancer not to move.

5)Nad’s Broken Tap Mix (7:16) Nad went on his own mission with a beautiful broken beat mix. The Broken Tap Mix is as funky as it gets.

6)Tonic Mix (6:46) – Tonic went off a new frontier with his tech-house mix that is not for the faint of heart. It’s a departure from the expected, making it a truly unique vision!

Vocals/Lyrics Written and performed by RescuePoetix™
produced by Dj General Slam
additional production by Tayo Wink & Frank Williams
copyright Susan Justiniano BMI 2014

Cover Art by JorgeG Grahix & Design

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