Supply Chain Agreement Sample

Contract: the agreement by which a client gives the SCM a mission to provide a course, prepare and provide training materials in any form and/or provide other services, such as advice, secondments and audits, in the broadest sense. 6.4 The terms and conditions set out in the explanatory notes of the offer are considered provisional. Changes to these rules can only be made by mutual agreement. The awarding entity undertakes to cooperate with all cooperation in such a change so as not to jeopardize the proper and timely implementation of the agreement. 6.3 The quote drawn up by SCM is also considered a reference price after the conclusion of the contract. If the estimated value is exceeded, SCM must obtain prior approval from the contracting entity, unless the estimate is exceeded due to an increase in costs charged by third parties. In this case, the SCM informs the client and the increase is paid by the client. Event: event, fair, conference or exhibition for which the participation contract was concluded. 1.4 In entering into an agreement with Supply Chain Media, the other party waives the applicability of all the terms and conditions it uses, whatever they may be, so that all of our agreements are subject exclusively to the terms used by Supply Chain Media. 4.12 The awarding entity undertakes to inform in advance all staff employed by the CMS who, during the course of the agreement, will operate or operate on the premises of the awarding entity, in advance, on all risks related to the activity of the contracting entity. In addition, the MCS or, at the very least, the personnel responsible for the execution of the assignment must be properly informed of the actions taken by the contracting entity to reduce these risks and prevent accidents. 1.8 SCM may change agreed taxes and/or prices at any time. If the contracting party of SCM is a consumer (since it is a natural person who does not act in the context of a profession or commercial activity), that consumer has the right to terminate the contract if the price increase takes effect within three months of the conclusion of the contract.

1.30 Disputes relating to agreements concluded by the SCM must be referred to the competent court in Arnhem (Netherlands). In addition, SCM has the right to submit disputes with a consumer party (i.e. a natural person who does not act in the context of a profession or activity) to the competent jurisdiction under the law of territorial jurisdiction. If such a court is not the Arnhem court and sCM submits the dispute to the Arnhem court, that consumer may, within six weeks, notify SCM in writing, on the basis of this provision, that he wants the court competent under the law to rule on the dispute. 1.13 SCM is still entitled to demand a guarantee for payment or down payment before and after the conclusion of the contract, to suspend the performance of the contract until that guarantee has been established and/or to have received such a deposit from SCM.