Sounds of Summer – Mona Bode – ManMachine Music Productions

Mona Bode returns with a nice release right on time for the summer.This track offers deep musical elements bought to us by producers Thema aka Dr.Thiza and the hot Tayo Wink.

1)Dr.Thiza Summer Deep Mix

2)Dr.Thiza Summermental Mix

3) Tayo Wink Summer Remix

Lyrics by Mona Bode

written & performed by Mona Bode for ManMachine Music Productions LLC

produced by Themba (Dr.Thiza) & Tayo Wink

co-produced by Mona Bode BMI 2012.


ManMachine Music Productions LLC is a sub-labe of Cyberjamz Records & Coyote Entertaiment Publishing ASCAP 2012.

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A & R Mona Bode for ManMachine  Music Productions LLC  2012.