Save the Robots E.P – Brian Nance & Ronald Overby – Cyberjamz Records

SAVETHEROBOTSOMG.. Slammin package Alert – Save the Robots E.P – Roa

2 of Cyberjamz/Toupee Records heavyweights join forces in what is a unique dance floor gem filled with deep ,soulful and jackin musical ride that will make your dancers want more. The finished product is simply amazing !!

Pick it up !

Save the Robots – Brian Nance & Ronald Overby –

This “Save the Robots” E.P jumps off with Ronald Overby’s Original interpretation mix offering a wide range of electronic beats and sounds with a taste of vocal snips sprikled throughout.Meanwhile the Brian Nance Recaptured Deep Bot Remix is just like what the title reads.. deep,dark and jackin,this remix is bangin and as usual Brian is light years ahead of the game.

Also offered in this fantastic package is “The Pearl” – (Respect Da Beauty).mixed by both Ronald and Brian of which gave me the goosebumps! Deep and dark with vocal snips comes this mix without loosing it’s quality,it’s one of favs off this package. Next up is “Pulse(push da pulse) also by Ronald Overby and Brian Nance ,this is another tune and if different is what you want. then look no further then Brian’s “Tinker Toyz” ,a bangin afro-tech joint that is so different but yet blends in very well with any deejay set but the dancers are the beneficiaries of this slamming piece. It is also one of my favs off this package.

coming soon to Cyberjamz Records