PODCAST PICK: Cyberjamz Radio jamDEMIX Music Marathon & Memorial Day Weekend Finale feat. DjHousecat(la gata de fuego)

The Cyberjamz Radio jamDEMIX Music Marathon Finale feat. DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) was awesome,from track selections to music mixes,this set truly set it off for the rest of the day.

As this virus continues to cause a rampage throughout the world and our own society, music is the last sacred thing we have that brings us peace in times of uncertainty. This set here is positive and just right for moments like what we have now. Stream or download this mix for your enjoyment and we pray that it finds the peace we seek during these hard times.

It’s worth it!

The Catlist:

1.Just A Lonely Night Eating Sushise – Folamour – https://bit.ly/3gkFNBr

2.Outro Version Harry Wolfman – https://bit.ly/36tJwbt

3.Am I Wrong (feat. ScHoolboy Q)Anderson Paak – https://amzn.to/3c7uFER

4.Just What I Need – Liz Aku – https://bit.ly/2ZuocRA

5.Bring Back The Sun (Original) Hallex M, Darien – https://bit.ly/2ZvFEVT

6. Navasha Daya – I’m In Love (12′ Mix) Reel People – https://bit.ly/3d3fTjv

7.Sy Smith featuring Rahsaan Patterson – Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)Ricky (Kon Remix)Caserta https://bit.ly/36rkhGJ

Ricky ( Kon Remix) – https://bit.ly/2WXO2vv

8.Love Comes Easily – Simon Kennedy – https://bit.ly/3cYXWmk

9.Sweet Talker – Phazed Groove – https://bit.ly/3gjYzsu

10.Raw Logic – DJ Musa Stretch

11.Give Yourself To Me (Little Louie Vega Club Mix)Sax https://bit.ly/3d2ihqG

12.Between Walls (DJ Nav’s Smooth dub) A M I R – https://bit.ly/3guuQgO

13.C Kikimix – Around7 – https://bit.ly/2X03Cab

12.SisSTAR Sanctified (He Picked Me Up) (DJ E-Clyps Blacklight Remix) Gershon Jackson – https://bit.ly/2X3YF05

13.Hwe Towe Hun (Bosq’s 12″ version) Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou, Bosq – https://bit.ly/2Xy6bPQ

14.Three Spirits (Agenda Mix) AfroDrum – https://bit.ly/2XqGjoS

15.I Want To Be With You By Lenny Williams (Zanzibar Classic Mix) 2020 Remix By Dj Punch – https://bit.ly/3ddiJml

16.Skyy – Heres To You (Pete Le Freq Refreq) https://bit.ly/3elhdi5

17.’Tis A Land – Tis A Land Instr – Kelly G – https://bit.ly/36tnsgV

18.Risin’ (Block & Crown Raww Dubb)Block & Crown, Chris Marina – https://bit.ly/2yA098O

19. Stay With Me (Libation Vocal)Byron J. Moore – https://bit.ly/2WZEwbh

20.Balance – Franck Roger – https://bit.ly/2LWe7F1

21.When the beat drops – Seductive Sapphire (SoulCat aka SammyRock and Dj Housecat Slamming Beat ReMix) https://bit.ly/3ei9X6A

22.WHAT ABOUT LOVE INST Banks – Timmy Regisford & Conway Mix

23. Make It Better – Dakota – https://bit.ly/2XqQytf

24.The Beauty of Life (feat. Carmen Rodgers) Pirahnahead & Diviniti – https://bit.ly/2Xpi4HH

25.Your Eyes – Lamone – https://bit.ly/2ZxfSjQ

26.H.E.R. – Comfortable (Zona Soul Barrio Paraiso Remix) https://bit.ly/2TymDht

27.The Time Is Coming (feat. Vanessa Freeman) (Atjazz ‘love Soul’ Dub) The Power Of Three – https://bit.ly/2X0V3Mf

28.Grateful Feat. Jacqui George (Tweaked Mix) Yam Who? & Jaegerossa, Jacqui George – https://bit.ly/2ZAs03S

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