Podcast Pick: Cyberjamz pres: The jamDEMIX & Memorial Day Weekend Music Marathon feat SammyRock aka Soul Oasis

This jamDEMIX Music Marathon Mix are both wonderful and a bit sad at times as I tried to kept the presentation in line with the pandemic theme of the moment. Many may say it’s a bit on the political side of things but for those that truly know me, yall know how engaged I can be about my political views and how I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind of which has put me in hot water at times. LOL!

Stream or download SoulCast here: https://bit.ly/2ZIXtAM

In any case, this had to be one of the most emotional shows I’ve created in a while and hope you guys enjoy both the track selections and montage’s offered in between certain tracks. In the end,we hope this thing goes away and we are able to continue where we left off with park events etc. Stream or download this set for history’s sake.

The Soulist:

*Opening introudction: The Corona Virus Montage’ by SammyRock

1.Xclusive Jam and Rework Mista Foster Feat Chaka Khan – Love You (Dub)

2.JAM – Body My Love/Escucha Esto – Elliott ‘Dj EV’ Venegas – traxsource http://bit.ly/39vBMGm or junodownload https://bit.ly/33B2Wtd

3.jamDEMIX Promo Track Pick – Sizzle Burles – FEAR (Burles Quarantine Tough Times Mix)

4.Track Pick Heather Walker – Rain Rain go Away (Tayo Wink Strings N Things Remix) out now http://bit.ly/2HBYLDf

5.Rollback Music and Vinyl – Sweet Ecstacy – Eddie Matos Soul Clinic E.P.

6. Xclusive Marvin Gaye – After The Dance (Dj Punch Baby Powder Soulful Mix) Baby Powder goes Klassic EP 2020 Editon

7. Xclusive JAM and Alert Kept Me- Blackk Work – Shino Blackk (Soul Oasis on the Fly Mash) coming soon deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz
with this weeks Rework Pick – Ralph Gum – Omar – Love Core (DASH Rework) https://bit.ly/2WWZAzl

9.Rollback Music, Vinyl, Jam & Edit – Cerrone – Je Suis Music (Soul Oasis Edit)

10.Xclusive Release Alert – RescuePoetix – BOEHIMA (AFRIK-N-SOUL RMX) (Part One Mixes) coming soon !!

11.Xclusive Release Alert – Dj Lucky Santiago – Prayer – coming soon Strutamentals EP Vol#1 – deeperSide of Cyberjamz

12.Xclusive Release Alert – RescuePoetix – BOEHIMA (AFRIK-N-SOUL RMX) (Part One Mixes) coming soon !!

13.Rollback Cyberjamz Recs -Seductive Sapphire – When the Beat Drops (SoulCat’s Seductive Drum Remix) https://bit.ly/3gibmfa

14.Rollback Music and Vinyl – Jovonn – Mellow Mondae (Soul Oasis corona vius Montage)

15.Track Pick APRIL SHABAZZ – I Lost Love – traxsource https://bit.ly/3axI1cs

16.Track Pick Dan Hartman- Relight my Rework – Dj Punch – https://bit.ly/2LCEwaz

17.Rollback Music and Vinyl Southern Comfort Featuring Nolan Epps – Let’s Go Disco (Red Disco Mix)

18. Lady Alma – Make You Move (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix) https://bit.ly/2WWlzWU

19.Track Pick Simpson Uniquity – We Are The Ones (2020 Anthem Philly Mix) https://bit.ly/3ggAinf

20.Track Pick DJ Serge Negri feat Maya Carney-Patterns -(Jose Carretas Son Liva rmx) https://bit.ly/3efDsG1

21.Track Pick Mona Bode – My First Love (The Remixes) (DJ Hakuei Remix) https://bit.ly/2X5rYxX

22.Remix Pick Angie Stone – Dinosaur (Keemix) https://bit.ly/3gf3NWy

23.Remix Pick Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (Conway’s 4-to-the-Floor Edit) Neal Conway

24.Track Pick Angela Johnson – No Pressure (DjPope Funkhut Vocal Mix) https://bit.ly/2LTYuxP

Closing Track and thank you all for tuning into our entire jamDEMIX Music Marathon 2020.

The Book of Samuel (Soul Oasis) with Covid-19 montage’ by SammyRock https://bit.ly/36vYTjj

In memory of those lives lost