PANDABOYMUSIC pres. SOUL OASIS – The Book of Samuel coming Nov 2020

Play different they say, well here is something deep and different by SammyRock aka Soul Oasis. If you are ever looking for that deep special opening track to set things off or a closing track to bring everything down, then this is a nice track to rock out. More on the tech-side of things and trippy, this one is a favorite of dancers that truly enjoy dancing with their eyes closed and lights dimmed low. Tayo Wink gives this release a dope interpretation which takes it on its own musical trip.

We at PandaboyMusic dislike having to put a sticker behind the music but if we had to, then we will file this one under the deep-tech, electronic, progressive, trance side of PandaboyMusic.

Play different 2020.

produced by Soul Oasis for Coyote Entertainment
co-produced, remixed and re-jammed by Tayo Wink for PandaBoyMusic 2020.

art cover by Zona Soul
mastered at Zona Soul Studios, Fajardo PR
*All rights reserved