Naked Soul – Vanessa Smith (pt.1) Mixes by Pistol Pete,hWah & Dj Eddie-Ed – Cyberjamz Records

Title: Naked Soul (pt.1) (Mixes by Pistol Pete,hWah & Dj Eddie-Ed)
Artist: Vannessa Smith
Label: Cyberjamz Records

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Vanessa Smith “Naked soul” (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

End of last year, CyberJamz Records unleashed the marvelous soul infused “Storms” by Vanessa Smith, now the follow-up single “Naked soul” produced and mixed by ‘DJ Pistol Pete’ Sierra is ready. His original version is truly melodious and soulful, with laidback rhythms leading the way for sublime jazzy keys, heavenly strings and Vanessa Smith incomparable sultry vocals (there is a version without the strings too). The remixes are courtesy of DJ Phantom who contributes a glorious soulful rendition built around a thrillingly thumpin’ backdrop and enchanting melodies, and hWah (HÃ¥vard Kvangarsnes ) who serves a brilliant interpretation fueled with a groovy organic backing and exquisite keys.

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1)Pistol Pete Original Mix (7:45)
2)Naked Dub Mix (6:45)
3)hWah`s Stellar Disco Remix (5:57)
4)hWah`s Stellar Disco Dub (6:47)
5)Eddie-Ed Groove Mix (7:17)
6)Afro-Tech Mix (7:17)
7)Afro-Tech Dub (7:17)

Lyrics performed and written by Vanessa L.Smith
produced by Pistol Pete Sierra & Vanessa Smith

Songwriter Vanessa L. Smith (ASCAP)
Co-written by Petendamix (ASCAP)
Publishing: Goldstdj (ASCAP)

Executive Producers Vanessa L. Smith & Pete Sierra
Vocal Arrangements Vanessa L. Smith

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