Naked Soul (part2) Vanessa L. Smith (Remixes by Dj Phantom & Brian Nance) – Cyberjamz Records 2017


title Naked Soul (part2)
Artist: Vanessa L. Smith (Remixes by Dj Phantom & Brian Nance)

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Naked Soul Pt.2 (Dj Phantom & Brian Nance Remixes)
.Vanessa L. Smith –

Vanessa Vanessa L. Smith “Naked soul” (Part 2)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Summer of last year saw the release of the magnificent “Naked soul” by Vanessa Smith, a truly melodious and soulful gem produced by ‘DJ Pistol Pete’ Sierra (with remixes by DJ Phantom and hWah included), now part two loaded with stunning new mixes has arrived. First up we have DJ Phantom with his mesmerizing underground-esque remixes combining Vanessa Smith beautiful tempting vocals with irresistible percussive rhythms and lush synth hooks (creative minds will love the stripped back ‘Just for the Beat Mix’ and the bonus beats version), next we have Brian Nance who contributes an utterly deep rework perfect for late night play thanks to inebriant melodies and vibrant rhythms.

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A few more reviews:

Naked Soul (DJ Phantom’s Just For You To See Mix) – Dj phantoms trademark afro beats takes this great soul track on another journey great addition to the all ready stella line up of remixes
Naked Soul (Brian Nance Know Me Deep Soul Dub Vibe RMX) – Brian takes us on a deep afro trek ride with another top remix ! loving this mix Add to dj tools beat mixes to this and yet another great packaged !

Paul Hampson – Dj Hammy

Dope EP. Brian Nance Dub Mix (One of my favorites of his work to date) Phantom is killing it like he did on War Bells!!

Hakeem Syrbram


1)Vanessa Smith – Naked Soul (DJ Phantom’s Just For You To See Mix) (5:58)
2)DJ Phantom’s Just For The Beat Mix (5:57)
3)Brian Nance Know Me Deep Soul Dub Vibe RMX (7:44)
4)DJ Phantom’s Just For The Bonus Re- Beat Mix (5:54)

Lyrics performed and written by Vanessa L.Smith
produced by Pistol Pete Sierra & Vanessa Smith
Songwriter Vanessa L. Smith (ASCAP)
Co-written by Petendamix (ASCAP)
Publishing: Goldstdj (ASCAP)

Executive Producers Vanessa L. Smith & Pete Sierra
Vocal Arrangements Vanessa L. Smith

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