Musical Notes – Tier Ra Nichi featuring Seductive Sapphire – Toupee Records

Musical Notes – Tier Ra Nichi featuring Seductive Sapphire
Target Release Date – June 2014.


Toupee Records continues on it’s journey with this very interesting piece entitled “Musical Notes” featuring the talented spoken-word artist Seductive Sapphire and mixed properly by Tier Ra Nichi. This one will take your dancers there with sensual elements while the flow of musical notes are interpreted by Sapphire.Tier Ra Nichi production is flaw-less and delivers proper musical notes to accomodate lyrics by Seductive Sapphire.There are 3 mixes included in this package from the wonderful Celestial Vox to a fantastic dub mix,this is where it’s at for the dance floors !







1)Tiers Celestial Vox Mix – 8:10

2)The A to D Vox Mix – 7:32

3)Tiers Celestial Dub Vox Mix 7:37

Lyrics performed by Seductive Sapphire
Music produced,mixed and arranged by Tier Ra Nichi (Ghost Recordings)

Artwork: JorgeG for JorgeG Graphix

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