Mona Bode The table (ADDVIBE Afro-Mixes) – (The Discussion Resurfaces) Cyberjamz Records

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Title: The Table – (Addvibe Afro-Mixes) – (The Discussion Resurfaces)
Artist: Mona Bode’
Label: Cyberjamz Records


Mona Bode The table (Addvibe Afro Remixes) – (The Discussion Resurfaces)

In April we introduced you to the masterly crafted The table, now this soulful gem oozing with Mona Bodes one of a kind spoken word poetry returns in brand new remixes by Addvibe who serves not less than four truly dazzling and diversified re-imaginations ranging from old skool soulful house over contemporary soulful house to afro deep , with a glamorous down-tempo version being the cherry on the cake.

This is a complete package.

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1)Addvibe Soul Connected Remix (6:55)
2)Addvibe’s Back2Basic Remix (6:21)
3)Addvibe deepFro Mix 6:32)
4)Addvibe Slomoo Remix (6:27)

All Lyrics performed by Mona Bode for ManMachine Productions LLC.

Afro mixes produced.arranged and mixed by by ADDVIBE

cover by SammyRock

Mastered by Hippie Torrales

Another SoulCat Joint 2016

Keep your Ear to the Ground Cyberjamz/Toupee Records 2016.

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The Table (Part One) Mona Bode’ feat.Kasim Allah (The Main Discussion Mixes)

Mixes by MI Sounds,Tayo Wink,DjjoelS & Dj Buzzard here