Luna en Red – Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon (IBB) – Cyberjamz Records

luna-in-red4Cat# CJ178
Artist: Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon (IBB)
Title: Luna en Red
Label: Cyberjamz Records
Target Release Date November 11,2016.

All I can say about this beautiful vocal piece performed by our very own Dovie Cotae & background vocals by Harold Brandon Dee of In BlueBlacness is where is at ! Quality lyrics and vocals with gorgeous production and music will give you goosebumps. I predict this is going to be a great release for this talent artist and label.

As with all great songwriters ,there is a story behind every experince and so here is the one for “Luna En Red” as told by Dovie Cotae ‘ & Harold Brandon.

Dovie and I were pulling up to the studio one evening, getting out the car, we saw a big red moon in the blue sky to the east, as we were walking inside, I came up with the idea to create a track for this moon with the blue sky backdrop, Dovie initially calling it The Cherry Moon, or something like that, and I came up with “Luna En Red” as the official title, and it stuck and so we hope you all enjoy this wonderful release.

Release tracks:

1) Quad IBB’s Amped-Traction Mix)
2) Original Mix

All lyrics performed and written by Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon
produced by Harold Brandon (IN BLUEBLACKNESS)

“Luna En Red”
Produced By Darren “Dj Quad” Brandon IN BLUEBLACKNESS
Vocals: Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon

Cover – Doive Cote’ & SammyRock

licencing and info:

Another Cyberjamz Records Joint 2016