Luna en Red – Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon (IBB) – Cyberjamz Records 2016

luna-finalCat # CJ178
Tite: Luna en Red
Artist: Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon (IN BLUEBLACKNESS)
Label: Cyberjamz Recs

out now – Luna En Red –

Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon (IBB) “Luna en red” (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Coming soon to CyberJamz Records is the breathtaking “Luna en red” produced by Darren ‘DJ Quad’ Brandon (InBlueBlackness) and performed in grand style by Dovie Cote’ and Harold Brandon. Undeniably, “Luna en red” is a phantasmagorical amalgamation of dulcet yet irresistibly thumpin’ deep rhythms with exquisite jazzy keys, heavenly chords and the beautiful haunting vocals of Dovie Cote’ and Harold Brandon that is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine… The ‘Quad IBB Amped-Traction Mix’ gives the track a more straight 4/4 feel that is truly mesmerizing yet soulful and melodious.

Review by Mike Fossati of Spirit of House.

Track Listing.

1)Luna en Red – Original Mix (9:40)
2)Luna En Red – Dovie Cote’ Harold Brandon IBB (8:50)

“Luna En Red”
Produced By Darren “Dj Quad” Brandon IN BLUEBLACKNESS
Vocals: Dovie Cote’ & Harold Brandon
Mastered by Glenn Underground

Cover IBB & SammyRock

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Cover IBB & SammyRock

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