Love,Life & Happiness – Tayo Wink feat.Ejaye – Cyberjamz

It’s been a while since our very own Tayo Wink blessed us with an exclusive E.P,this time he brings us a deeper side of things with “Darkened Temptations” featuring the wonderful Cyberjamz  Records spoken word artist Ejaye.









This Love,Life and Happienss E.P is Deep and gorgeous in it’s own right.This package also offers the banging ” I’m Ready 2013″, a dance floor filler that will have your dancers in a frenzy ! “Johnny’s Groove” & “What is your Sound” are best known for that special Tayo Wink Sound that we all come to enjoy while “I get over” brings us back to deep ! We know you will  find this release to be something special when it’s dropped on the dance floors across the globe.





Tayo Wink feat. Ejaye
Love,Life and Happiness E.P

Target Release Date April,05,2013.
1)Darkened Temptations feat. Ejaye (Dark Gable Godive Mix) (8:03)
2)I’m Ready 2013 (7:32)
3)Johnny’s Groove (6:54)
4)What’s your Sound (Original Mix) (6:30)
5)I get over – Tayo Wink City Soul Remix (6:36)

All tracks produced,arranged and mixed by Tayo Wink

Artwork:Jorge G.
Licensing and Bookings contact :

A & R Soul-Cat for Coyote Entertainemnt ASCAP 2013.