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Lavender Smoke – Vanessa L.Smith, hWah
Cyberjamz –

LAVENDER SMOKE-A sexy house song by Vanessa L. Smith. Produced by Havard Kvangarsnes. Concept for this song is a long awaited Blind Date that happens to be finer than fine-meeting for the first time after talking for months……….And the rest is purely sensual

All lyrics written and performed by Vanessa L. Smith
produced by hWah – Havard Håvard Kvangarsnes

Vocals Vanessa L. Smith
Vocal Arrangements Vanessa L. Smith

Musical Arrangements Håvard Kvangarsnes (hWah)

Vocals & lyrics – Vanessa Smith, production – hWah, live electric bass – RealBenParker, mixdown & master Arne Ziemann @ Oakfield Mastering,
Vanessa L. Smith

cover art Vanessa L. Smith

Songwriter Vanessa Smith (ASCAP)
Publishing: Goldstdj (ASCAP)

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