Lady Vintage Soul – pres: LVS Friday AM Soul Express 9- 10am est

Cyberjamz Internet Radio welcome Lady Vintage Soul aka LVS to our Friday line-up representing the BEST in Disco/Classics – LVS Frudat AM Soul Express airs every Friday from 8am – 10am est


Playing music is my way of sharing the rich musical culture of the generation that made so much music history simply because the music industry nurtured artist and let them explore their creativity in a way that may never happen again. (And it probably had something to do the the quality of the drugs, which were just as experimental as the music of the times!! Smile!)
This is the music of the generation that protested for the FREEDOM to VOTE & CIVIL RIGHTS! This is the music of Inspiration and Free Love. This is the music of survival for the soldiers fighting in a war that no one wanted. This is the music of conflict and the rebellion it caused.
This is the music of the RIOTS and too long and too HOT summers for too many impoverished AMERICANS. This is the music of Hope and Faith. This is the music of Integrity and Truth.
This is the music of my LIFE. This is the music that changed the world and that the creative it gave birth to new genres of music.
This Music is Enduring!!! This music is REAL. Isn’t this music is why we love our underground house music the way we do.

Lady Vintage Soul aka LVS.