Jason Nemor working on Motherland 3000 -Addvibe- Return of the Vibe E.P – Cyberjamz Records

Jason Nemor Harden working on our upcoming release “Motherland” 3000 due for it on March 20,2015. by Addvibe – Return of the Vibe E.P with Mixes by Tayo Wink and First Touch. The live sax break on this track is SICK !! Jason rocked it lovely along-side Addvibe on production tip.




Bangin !!! out now !
Return Of The Vibe E.P (Mixes By Tayo Wink & First Touch)




Artist: Addvibe
Release: Return of the Vibe (Mixes by Tayo Wink & First Touch)
Label: Cyberjamz Records
Target Release Date – March 2015.

This E.P is out of control featuring the banging piece “Motherland”,with a hot remix by Cyberjamz/Toupee Records producer Tayo Wink.The gorgeous jazzy vibes continue in the package with “The Diamond”,a beautiful crafted and produced piece that will capture your mind,body and soul.Next is the fabulous we have the deep African flava mix of “Zulu Chant”,a unique vibe that will sure rock your dance floor.Addvibe has now so many sketches and ideas, and with even new vocalists and musicians being added to the project, it is no secret that the goal is to release an album. There would be a width to it, from simple grooves to pure out jazzified house.

“Return Of The Vibe EP” by Addvibe (Mixes by Tayo Wink & First Touch)

1. Motherland 3000 original mix
2.Motherland 3000 (tayo wink remix)
3. Diamond (Original Mix)
4.Diamond (First Touch Remix)
5.Zulu Chant (The Second Coming)

All tracks produced,mixed and arranged by Addvibe

1. Motherland 300:
Horns: Anatoly Ice, Jason Nemor Harden.
Flute: Pål Stefan Brekke.
Bass: Trond Nedberg.
Vocals: Jason Nemor Harden.
Percussion: Dennis Sandoo jr.
All other elements: Pål Sørli
Additional production by Tayo Wink for Coyote Entertainment (ASCAP 2014)

2.Motherland 300 (Tayo Wink Afro Soul Remix)
mixed,arranged and mixed by Tayo Wink for Coyote Entertainment

3 .Diamond (Original Mix)
Arranged and produced by Pål Sørli (addvibe)
Guitar: Tore-Morten Andreassen Figenschow
Rhodes: Jan Øyvind Moskvil.
Trumpet: Rostislav.
Spoken vocals: Jason Nemor Harden.
Vocals: Pål Sørli and Jason Nemor Harden.
All other elements: Pål Sørli.

4.Diamond (First Touch Remix)
mixed and produced by First Touch

5. Zulu Chant (The Second Coming)
produced by Addive
all elements: Pål Sørli.

Cover by JorgeG for JorgeG Graphix (2015)

Cyberjamz Records A&R SammyRock for Coyote Entertainment 2015