In the Spotlight: Heather Walker “I gave you my heart” The Unreleased Project Part 1
















“I gave you my Heart” – Heather Walker – Unreleased Project Part One  out now !

Cat # CJ101

I gave you my Heart
The Unreleased Project  Pt. 1


1) Yusuke Hiraoka  Vocal Mix  (6:39)

2) Tribe Fanko Remix  (6:52)

3) Dj General Slam Taken Soul Remix  (6:56)

4) Maminstrumenal Remix  (6:48)

5) Cm2 Remix   (6:47)

6)Sal Negro Remix

6) Yusuke Hiraoka Instrumenal Mix – (6:39)


Lyrics performed by Heather Walker
producers for part one  are:
Yusuke Hiroka,Tribe Franko,Dj General Slam,Maminstrumenal ,Sal Negro & Cm2
Executive  producers  Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis  & Catherine Harris aka Dj Housecat for Soul-Cat Productions & Coyote Entertainment Publishing  (p) & © 2012

artwork:Jorge G

Mastered by Hippie Torrales & Sammy Rock @ Coyote Studios Florida 2012


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A & R Soul-Cat for  Coyote Entertainment Publishing  (p) & © 2012

The Review

The incredible “I gave you my heart” by Heather Walker got a well deserved Spotlight Review back in February 2011 when CyberJamz sent us the original set of mixes. Now this wonderful song featuring the inimitable heartfelt vocals of songstress Heather Walker is back with previously unreleased mixes, to be released over two parts. The first part includes mixes by Yusuke Hiraoka, Tribe Franko, DJ General Slam, Maminstrumenal and Cm2, each adding his distinctive soulful/deep touch the song, making it next to impossible to choose a favorite version as they are all simply mind-blowing, taking you on a blissful musical journey you wish would never end… We can’t wait to hear the other mixes to be included in part two…

Reviewed by Mike Fossati

Spirit of House

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