In loving memory and R.I.P Cyberjamz/Toupee Records own Ben Johnson (Pure Elevation) 2016

ben-3This has been such a tough year for some of us. it’s incredible.I’m sad to report that it has been confirmed by Sal Negro that our great brother ,music artist , producer and Deejay Ben Johnson (Pure Elevation) has passed on.

This man was not only an inspiration to us but his music was very nice and it showed in his releases out on Cyberjamz & Toupee Records. I am completely torn by this news as you can imagine. Ben opened his arms to everyone that wanted to release a remix but what made him so special was his genuine way of being.

On behalf of Cyberjamz Radio/Records, Toupee Recs,Catherine Harris Rowell , all of the artist & producers he has worked with,we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a special person and to those that knew him,yall know he will truly be missed.

If GOD Willing and time permits,please check in this coming Monday as we will be hosting and dedicating our House of Soul Show to Ben Johnson (Pure Elevation).We will be featuring some of his best mixes from our labels and Azyie Songaa Recordings. Show time will be between 9am till 2pm est at Cyberjamz Internet Radio.