Hippie Torrales ft. Jerrell Battle on Vibe – Sensual Vibes – Cyberjamz Records

HOT RELEASE ALERT! Hippie Torrales ft. Jerrell Battle – Sensual Vibes – Cyberjamz Records. Target release date May 1,,2020.

The legendary Hippie Torrales comes out of the shadows of our production world and delivers this gorgeous percussion filled afro-Latin jam featuring Jerrell Battle. These guys tore it up with lush xylophone riffs and laced with a badass bass-line, this track will have your dancers mesmerized on the dance floor.

Score one for Hippie Torrales and the beneficiaries of this track which is YOU! the dancer!


Side A. Sensual Vibes (6:44)

Side A2. Sensual Vibes Reprise (5:30)

Side B. Sensual Vibes Drums (6:44)

Writers: Hippie Torrales & Jerrell Battle

Publisher: Cups And Balls Music (BMI) &

Afflatus Music (ASCAP)

Licensed from: What Is Hip Records 2020

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