Da Hit Makers pres. Kell’s vs. Face E.P – DeeperSIDE of Cyberjamz Records

DSC006-Da Hit MakersCat# DSC006
Tite:Da Hit Makers pres Kell’s vs. Face E.P
Label:DeeperSIDE of Cyberjamz

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Da Hit Makers presents Kell’s vs. Face E.P (Djtsmooth Farrar ) & David Barber )

This jam filled with 11,count em.. 11 dope cuts all wrapped up into one huge blockbuster E.P has just about everything you need to rock your dance floors and dancers.Top notch remixes and original cuts is what makes this one special.So if you are a fan of Da Hit Makers,then this package is for you !
coming soon to DeeperSIDE of Cyberjamz Recs. Sept 2017.

re-produced,re-arranged and corn flaked out by Da Hit Makers