Cyberjamz/Toupee Records acknowledgement and appreciation goes to Tayo Wink

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records appreciation & acknowledgement goes to the ultimate artist/producer – Tayo Wink.

This man need no introduction as he has been in the fore-front and involved with Cyberjamz/Toupee Records for a period of 6 + years at our headquarterz !

There are so many mixes and remixes by this artist/producer that I can’t post them all in this one thread.Top remixes of Rescue Poetix., Ejaye , Seductive Sapphire – Sheila Johnson , Mona Bode , Sal Negro to Brown Sugah – Sugah Lyrics and awesome collaborations with Maminstrumental , Dj Addvibe and more !

Keep your ear to the ground for a few hot upcoming E.P’s and remixes on both Cyberjamz and Toupee Records by our #1 producer.Tayo Wink is an extraordinary and genuine brother and I for one is looking forward for the rest of this year and in 2016.

I would to say Thank you for all the wonderful years and music for our label

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