Cyberjamz Records Spoken-Word Artist Pick: Ejaye

Cyberjamz Records music artist Ejaye is one of those gifted talents that has an emotional and sensual voice..Tayo Wink has found this lovely talented spoken-word artist and has produced some wonderful pieces out on our label.





Chicago native with a passion for the Arts. I love music, ESPECIALLY THE VOICE OVER INDUSTRY, Visual Communications & Marketing Design, & pursuing many Creative interests.

I admire networking with positive, innovative, creative, *unpretentious* forward thinking down to earth people when *reasonably* necessary.

Current Voice Over Highlight : Soulful Spoken Words on Deep House Music Tracks

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Ejaye Releases out now mixed by Tayo Wink. avail at your favorite digital download store.

Darkened Temptations feat. Ejaye – Dark Gable Godive Mix :

Ejaye’s House 101 – Tayo Wink Subliminal Deep :

Ejaye – The Caramel Kissess E.P – Tayo Wink Mixes :

Upcoming releases TBA.