The Circle of Dance E.P – Kevin Foushee – Toupee Records 2015

release: Circe of Dance E.P
artist: Kevin Foushee
label:Toupee Records


out now !

Toupee Records is proud and welcomes artist/producer Kevin Foushee to the label.Here we have a very nice package that will rock your dance floor.If circle dancing is your thing,then this E.P is for you ! Included in this release are 3 exceptional dance floor goodies to make your dancers proud to party in the Circle of Dance.


1)Inner Twine(8:09)
2)Move (7:04)
3)Area (8:19)
all tracks produced,mixed and arranged by Kevin Foushee 2014
cover art by JorgeG for JorgeG Graphix
Another La gata de fuego Joint 2014