Chocolate Melts/Simon Say’s – Seductive Sapphire

The PHIRE STARTER is at it again…this time with Chocolate Melts/Simon Say’s, 2 distinct poems of seduction and love that can only be performed by our very own Seductive Sapphire ! Hot Mixes by Cm2,Dj General Slam,Al Coda,Tribe Franko,Tayo Wink,Tier Ra Nichi,Dj Punch & Dj Don Juan.

A massive package indeed ! coming soon ! – Cyberjamz Records.

**Simon Says is scheduled for release in October 2013.**


Chocolate Melts/Simon Says – Seductive Sapphire

(Inc Mixes by Cm2,Tribe Franko,Dj General Slam,Tayo Wink,Al Coda,Dj Punch & Don Juan,and Tier Ra Nichi)

1)Cm2’s Original Melt (6:41)

2)Tribe Franko Groove Scene (6:24)

3)Dj General Slam Taken Soul (6:09)

4)Tayo Wink Mr Chocolate Goodbar ReMix (6:30)

5)Al Coda Meldown Version (7:52)

6)Tier Ra Nichi – Up and Away Vox (9:24)

7)Dj Punch & Don Juan Remix (7:50)

All lyrics performed by Sheila Johnson – Seductive Sapphire
copyright BMI 2013.
Produced by Soul-Cat

Artwork: Jorge G.



Track #01 & # 07
Mixed and proudced by Cm2 – South Africa


Track # 02
Tribe Franko Remix
Produced by: Frank Mabaso
Mixed @: Kultured Music Studios
Twitter: @Tribe_franko


Track # 03
DJ General Slam Remix
Produced by: Katlego Nombewu
Mixed @: Gentle Soul Recordings
Final Mixing: SABC Studios Pro Tools 10
Twitter : @DeejayGeneral


Track #04
Produced,mixed and arranged by: Tayo Wink
for Coyote Entertainment ASCAP 2013.


Track #05
Producer: Ororiseng Leketi(Al Coda),
Arranger: Al Coda & Msosti
Studio Name: Al Coda Studios(Brits North West) & ORei Recordings Studios(Evaton,Gauteng)


Track #06
Producer:Tier Ra Nichi
Arranger: Tier Ra Nichi
Studio: New York City,N.Y


Track #07
Producers: Dj Punch & Dj Don Juan
Arranger: Dj Punch
Studio: BabyPowder Studios in New Jersey (USA)


Licensing.producer info & bookings contact:


Another Soul-Cat Joint – Coyote Entertainment ASCAP 2013.