Charivari Detroit Music Festival feat Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) and more! Friday Oct 16 – Oct 31,2020

DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) will be featured in this massive event!

Charivari Detroit Music Festival ran for 15 days straight in August so we are going to do you one day better this time. Sweet Sixteen. Friday • October 16th thru Halloween Saturday • October 31st. And you heard it here first. We are going to draw over #100,000 plus listeners to this music we love as the Number #1 stream this month.

We invite you to join our Fam and let yourself go 16 days straight • 128 DJ sets • 24 hours a day with an endless mix of the best DJs in Detroit, the United States and Beats Beyond. Once again eight DJs per day with an opportunity to catch your favorites three times daily over a 24 hour period at charivariworldwide on Mixcloud or Twitch Live. Charivari Worldwide Sweet Sixteen is FREE! Every day at 6 p.m. EST daily will begin a new #8 DJ cycle. Join the chats. Share the streams.

More chances to catch your favorite DJs or discover someone Fresh by joining the biggest DJ party on the planet! Go check out the DJ set times (schedule will be up Thursday). Share the news. Support the festival by donation or grab some gear at

Charivari Detroit brings the world together in music while you let yourself go! #driven #charivariworldwide