“Be Present” – Vanessa L.Smith (Addvibe Mixes) – Cyberjamz Records 2018

NESSA NEWRelease: Be Present
Artist: Vanessa L.Smith (Addvibe Mixes)
Label: Cyberjamz Records
Target Release date May 18,2018

“BE PRESENT” written and performed by House Music Artist Vanessa L. Smith, is a song inspired by all the distractions of today. Information technology is at the dinner table, it’s at dates, life-changing conversations even. You have someone sitting right in front of you, talking to you, and you may not even hear them…even if they say “I love you” you may be lost in all the distractions.

Enjoy the HERE AND NOW. BE PRESENT 100% at that party, date, loving moment, with family. BE PRESENT.

All lyrics performed and written by Vanessa L.Smith
produced by Addvibe

cover art Vanessa L. Smith

Songwriter Vanessa L.Smith (ASCAP)
Publishing: Goldstdj

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Twiiter: https://twitter.com/thenessa1971

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