Articling Agreement Lsbc

The Law Society`s admissions program requires a period of nine months, which can be shortened by the dener diploma: if you are studying professional insults in a foreign jurisdiction and have worked in active practice for at least one year in that jurisdiction, you can apply for a reduction in duration. The duration can be reduced from one month to a maximum of five months for each year of active practical experience in another court. As part of the articling application process, the principal agrees that the student should gain practical experience and training in areas defined in the Art Skills and Practices Checklist. A principal can give a student up to 10 working days as leave during the articling part of the program. Leave is not calculated during the nine-month period. If you need to take more than 10 working days for a leave or illness of your items, you must apply for leave. The Law Society of B.C. will meet Tuesday for its annual general meeting, where it will decide whether to develop an agreement on the development of a collective agreement that will set several standards similar to those of the Employment Standards Act. “There is this idea that articling is a gruelling year,” said Trevor Hunt, a second-year student at UBC`s Allard School of Law and academic director of the law. “It`s considered the hardest part of your career.” Next week, members of the Law Society of B.C will vote on whether these employment standards should be established in the future for articling students. The law students` Societies of UBC and UVic say they want to protect workers – including minimum wages and overtime paid – for articling students in the province. Job creation is not governed by the B.C Labour Standards Act and is therefore not subject to their protection.

The contracting entity must submit interim reports and status reports over the life of the contracting entity. During the articling period, a student receives instructions for a personal interview with a bencher that must take place when the student has passed articles for three months.