Alberta Residential Tenancy Agreements

A temporary rent starts and ends on certain dates. (v) the tenant does not respect, respect or comply with all obligations, agreements, provisions, conditions and conditions that are respected by the tenant; then, and in each of these cases, at the landlord`s choice, the total amount of the current month and the following three (3) months of rent is immediately due and payable, and the lessor may immediately despise the same thing, as well as any arrears then unpaid; and the lessor may reinstate the tenant in writing for fourteen (14) days in writing and take possession of the premises or any pot on behalf of the whole, and remove and sell the tenant`s goods, and equipment, regardless of the legal or fair provisions; and the lessor may seize and sell the tenant`s goods, and equipment as they are located in the premises, as if they had remained and despised in the premises, and such a sale may be, at the owner`s discretion, either by public sale, private contract, bulk, or simple business, partly by another means and partly by another how the landlord can decide at his own discretion. 1. PREMISES: Le bailleur est soumis aux conditions suivantes, loués au locataire, aux locaux, décrites comme suit: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. MAINTENANCE COSTS: The tenant pays for the cost of repairing cluttered toilets, sinks and exits, as well as replacement costs for all broken windows and screens by the tenant or his guests. The tenant is responsible for replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and fuses on their premises, broken toilet seats and other damaged objects. The tenant is responsible for damage caused by damage caused by windows and doors that are left unresolved in case of bad weather, including the cost of repairing frozen pipes and repair and cleaning costs for damage caused by defective pipes. The tenant is also liable for damage caused by the tenant`s negligence, z.B.: careless smoking, cooking, etc. The tenant undertakes to immediately report to the lessor any damage that may occur on the premises throughout the lease.

The tenant is responsible for keeping all sidewalks of the property without snow. The tenant must keep the lawn relatively short on the land, water it if necessary and prevent the growth and spread of all land. All damage to the lawn, whether dead, weed, etc. during the lease, is paid for by the tenant. 11. PREMISES CONDITION: The lessor and the tenant agree to inspect the premises at the beginning of the lease and at the end of the lease and that the condition of the premises at the aforementioned hours be recorded in the accommodation report which is part of the lease agreement. The accommodation report is signed by both the landlord and the tenant.