Agreement Regarding The System Of American Schools In Morocco

The agreement gives Morocco the opportunity to open a primary and secondary school in the United States through negotiations with government authorities to obtain privileges similar to those of American schools in Morocco. U.S. Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer and Moroccan Foreign Ministry Protocol Director Anas Khales signed the agreement in a video conference. The Moroccan and U.S. governments have signed the first Moroccan-American bilateral agreement on American schools. The aim of the agreement is to implement the conditions for the opening and operation of American schools in Morocco. The overall aim is to strengthen mutual understanding and understanding through educational, scientific and cultural cooperation. It is also an explicit desire to support the teaching of languages and cultures in both countries in order to help American citizens acquire bilingual skills in both languages. The agreement was signed between Morocco and the United States in February 2013, but had to be ratified by Parliament to enter into force. There are problems with the education system because many children do not continue their full education. Only about 50% of Moroccans are educated, the proportion being higher among men than among women.

Under the agreement, companies are required to submit their financial reports on their status as a non-profit organization to the Moroccan authorities. In return, they will benefit from tax and customs privileges, in accordance with Morocco`s international obligations and current tax rules. As for Adminou, he says that the new system is an ambitious reform that requires “an increase in financial endowments for educators, with an increase in the number of promotions and greater interaction with the needs of teachers, especially since reducing the number of students in the classroom will be a greater burden for teachers.” Many Moroccan teachers are used to doing only courses and exams and have to adapt to working with small groups and assigning exercises and projects. It aims to enable Moroccan and American citizens to learn Arabic and English. It also aims to promote the cultures of both countries through American schools in Morocco and to the creation of Moroccan schools in the United States in order to develop cultural and pedagogical relations between the two countries. The minimum wage of a professor at a Moroccan public university is about 1,500 dollars per month, with a salary no higher than 3,000 dollars, according to the law professor who wanted to retain his name to avoid any reprisals from the administration of the university. The professor believes that wage increases should be a cornerstone of the new education system, “otherwise it will not succeed.” Abdelhafid Adminou, head of the department of public law at the Faculty of Law at Mohammed V University in Rabat, believes that the new system focuses on the needs of the labour market and qualifies students with skills that meet these needs without taking into account the intellectual and cultural development of students. “The new system was put in place by the ministry alone,” said Mustafa Al-Alawi, 27, vice-president of the Student Renewal Movement in Morocco, founded in 2003 by students to engage in student and youth affairs). in a telephone interview.