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A Reason – Pure Elevation out now !


This is another killer track by producer Pure Elevation. This personal track gives credence to any of can go through for “A Reason.” As usual he brings a sound like no other and a groove that can always be remembered. This time around he has remixes from Joel V., Sal Negro, Sed Fatem, George Vibe, and Pure Elevation. There is nothing like a melting pot of sounds to make this EP bring fire to the floor.

Release list:

1) Original Mix

2)Pure Elevation Church Bell Mix

3)Sal Negro Moska Oil Mix

4)Sed Fatem Remix

5)Joel V. Toombao Mix

6)George Vibe Remix

7)Pure Elevation Deep Thoughts Mix

8)Sal Negro Midnite Run Mix

Ayize Songaa (Let It Come Strong)

Peace and Blessings

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Another Soul-Cat Joint for Coyote Entertainment 2013.