A Letter Of Purchase Agreement

If we receive your official order, it means that you accept the printed terms of use of the goods attached to this letter. It also means that you accept payment terms that are [30 days from the date of the invoice, or whatever your specific terms]. 3. Quality. The property (“property”) is under [insert address and all other identifying information] and, in particular, described, attached and participates in Schedule A. With the property, the buyer also acquired all the rights, titles and interests of the seller and [insert additional elements of the purchase] [including, to the extent that they are transferable, all rights to the use of the land, administrative authorizations and allowances, as well as other authorizations from the government and the Agency with respect to the property]. In addition, this offer contains the following specific elements regarding the property: [List of all additional items included in the purchase.] (a) Given the costs, the seller agrees that, until the end of this letter in paragraph 8 (this period, exclusivity period), nor its representatives, executives, directors, directors, directors, representatives, members, managers, subsidiaries or related companies (the “group of sellers”), directly or indirectly, a proposal or offer from a person or group of a person or group of persons related to the buyer and related company (a Proposal for Acquisition) , to maintain, negotiate, negotiate, accept or discuss directly or indirectly to acquire or acquire the business or its assets, whether through merger, share purchase, purchase of assets, offer or other, or to provide non-public information to third parties in connection with an acquisition proposal or to enter into an agreement. , an arrangement or understanding that requires the transaction with the buyer to be abandoned, completed or not concluded. The seller undertakes to immediately notify the buyer when a member of the seller group receives requests for information or offers regarding a proposed acquisition and will communicate to the buyer the terms of such a request or offer in detail and will provide the buyer with copies of all written communications regarding such a request or offer. Immediately after the execution of this letter, the seller will terminate any discussion or negotiation with a person or group of persons other than the purchaser and its affiliates regarding an acquisition proposal and will terminate any ongoing discussion or negotiation with a person or group of persons other than the purchaser and its related companies.