71 Degrees Deep – hWah (Dj Eddie-Ed Remix) (video) & release info Cyberjamz Recs.

71 Degrees Deep Reviews (video)

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71 Degrees Deep is the debut EP of Norwegian producer hWah who is based in Oslo. hWah has previously released an edits EP on Giant Cuts, and got several remixes on Cyberjamz Records and Vier Deep Digital. His latest remixes are of Vanessa L Smith’s ‘Naked Soul’, Harold Brandon’s ‘She Says’ and Jay Nemor’s ‘Everyday’. just to name a few.
So why call it a debut EP? Because this is first EP of original productions from hWah. 71 Degrees Deep are inspired by so many things, but most of all the dream of warmer climates, jazzy melodies and outer space mysteries. The 4 track EP pays its homage to the US sound of deep house and afro house.
hWah is currently working on a new project with Vanessa L Smith, and several other projects to be released in 2017 on Cyberjamz Records and other reknown labels. 2017 will also see the launch of Stellar Disco Records.

The one remix in the package is a real club banger! Dj Eddie-Ed has knocked out a killer version which takes it deeper into the afro side of things. It will get the floor marching effortlessly during peaktime for sure.

1. Dreaming Of Equator – original mix (7:45)
2. 71 Degrees Of Jazz – original mix (7:49)
3. Hot Mars Cold Earth – original mix (7:38)
4. Dreaming Of Quator – Dj Eddie-Ed’s Tropical Groove Mix (8:51)
produced by hWah

Additional production by Edward Ward
Track 4 Dreaming Of Quator is produced by Dj Eddie-Ed
Mastered by Oakfield Mastering
Cover Art: hWah

licensing,booking and info:
contact sammyrock@mail.com
Håvard Kvangarsnes djhwah@gmail.com

A&R SammyRock for Coyote Enterntainment ASACP 2016

Another Cyberjamz Records Joint.

Edward Ward, known as DJ Eddie-Ed, discovered his love for music very early in life. Growing up in a neighborhood in Bronx, NY during the infancy of hip hop, DJ Eddie Ed was surrounded by innovative sounds and up-and-coming DJs and MCs like Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash. This environment had a tremendous influence not only on his yearning to be a part of this exciting industry, but also on his desire to be the best at his craft.
Fast forward, DJ Eddie Ed’s decades of experience and inclusion of music professionals with whom he has made alliances have evolved into a top-notch DJ Entertainment and music production company with a range of sound and recording services. He had the chance to work with producers and artist like Joe Flame, Alan”Speedy” Jackson, Shino Black, Mark Francis, Adam Cruz, Eddie Nicholas, Vanessa Jones, and Tayo Wink, to name a few.

Booking or remix inquires: numusicpro@aol.com

Run by head honcho Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis Cyberjamz Records has grown its catalog to over 180 releases. It has frequently been charted by both Traxsource and artists through the years since the first release The Deep Dance in 2007 featuring Princess Tam Tam (R.I.P). The label got both established artists and fresh newcomers on its rooster. You should check out War Bells by Dj Phantom, Luna En Red by Dovie Cote & Harold Brandon, Naked Soul by Vanessa L Smith, Spirit Of The Dance by Carlos Sanchez and Lorenzo Tyler featuring Kenny Carpenter Mix, That Shit That’s Been Out by Doc’n’Tones, and She Says by Harold Brandon just to name a few of the latest releases.
Alongside running a label Sammy Rock is also the CEO of legendary Cyberjamz Internet Radio https://cyberjamz.com This internet radio station is one of the best there is if you like your soulful, deep, afro, and disco music since 2003. A variety of top presenters makes sure the selection always are on point. Catherine Harris Rowell aka Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) is running The House Of Soul with Sammy each week. She also runs Toupee Records.

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