Feb 25

The Legendary Boyd Jarvis – NY Aftermidnight (R.I.P) 2018

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BOYDMy heart and many others are broken for the last or so due to the lost of my great friend,music pioneer and legend… Boyd Jarvis.(R.I.P)

This man was great in all genres and introduced many of us to some of the best classics pieces that were ever produced.Boyd really made the artist stand-out in all his work and always gave the music 110% of his dedication.He was also a close friend of mine and had one of the best shows at our award winning Cyberjamz Internet Radio with his NY. Aftermidnite which aired during our early years of existence.I will also be featuring some of his shows from back then at our site very soon as his work will live with us forever.

There is so much I could write about Boyd Javis but I’ll let the music speak for itself.If you happen to be in New York City this coming week,please stop by and pay your respects to this Legendary Man of Music… Mr. Boyd H. Jarvis.

Boyd H. Jarvis Funeral Services Feb 26,2018.Tomorrow at 3 PM – 7:30 PM

Bushwick United Methodist Parish
1139 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11221.

A Special shout-out and thank you to Beverley for hanging in there with him for the last 10 + years and being the best companionship anyone can have at any time during their life.

Leave a message for Boyd at: