Nov 14

The Cyberjamz Radio 14th year Anniversary & Music Marathon – Reports & Acknowledgements 2017

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we.love.you.3The Cyberjamz Radio 14th year Anniversary & Music Marathon/ Server Drive 2017

Reports & Acknowledgements:

I don’t even know where to start… so I’ll begin this post by saying (and I can’t say it enough),THANK YOU.. thank you,thank you to ALL of our music programmers for another successful Music Marathon.To those that were locked in from across the Globe and in the chat room, we love you guys.Also those that took a moment to donate,we appreciate you guys and mean to the World to us all and without your contributions,we can’t continue to bring you music excellence as we have for the last forteen years.

Daily Report:

Day #1

Day one started with the beat-down featureing Lady Cecilia Birdex Soul (LVS) Friday morning and continued throughout the day with such great talents as Cordell Johnson ,Robert Shorthouse (Rhouse) , Mark Mcaden , Blayne Ashmore , David Shell , Greg Gray (The Sensi-Melei) and hot closing by Selectress MizzKae. All and all It was a fantastic opening day period !

Day #2

Day two was a bit of a surprise as Dj Rich started mad early with his “Salsa meets House” which opened the door for everyone else to deliver the goods. A dope dope Special guest mix by Tayo Wink was out of this World as Danny Arrington took us there followed by Andrew Waite who also represented proper.Big Gary Logan is gonna be Big Logan..as you may know this man bring it every time and Michael Menton & Sheila Johnson rocked it at the heart of our weekend.Just when you thought we couldn’t get any better,… Fred Djfm Maldonado & Abe Ab Seven Rodriguez delivered perfect mixes each show filled with energy and great track selections.A surprise all the deejays bought their A game to this Marathon. A suprise 4 hour guest mix by Nubang Clan and long-time Cyberjamz Radio music programmer Keith Porter ripped it till the wee hours of Sunday morning which took us to next level.

Day #3

Day three was just as good as the last two days in that JorgeG ,a 13 year veteran of our site took the helm at 7am and rocked it nicely to set up the next show featuring Khaleel Mason who did a great job and kept us listening until Dj Algebra rolled through and blessed us with a banging set.Dj Harry Glenn was on it playing exceptional music mixes and helped the next crew “The Sons of Soul” with Anthony Mack and Darren Demann Parker.Both of these programmers deleiverd a serious classic set which took us directly into the evening hours with Mystic Vybrations own Michael Stukes.This man’s set was off the hook and Delmar Browne flowed right into it with an impressive set of his own.Finally djSteve Bass rode us into the midnight hour which made easing into Monday morning a breeze.

Day #4 (The Finale)

Our day four finale which jumped off with yours truly SammyRock aka Soul Oasis & Catherine Harris Rowell – DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) – The House of Soul Show of which was very nice in it’s own right.We both had fun playing our closing sets and winding things back down a notch,which was meant to usher in our regularly scheduled programming.

We truly hope those that checked in at one time or another during our Marathon enjoy the talent and music selections.In a few months we will hopefully host another Music Marathon which are a lot of fun.As with everything we do in life,it didn’t come without it’s set of issues which needed to be addressed,but due to the way we click as team,we were able to overcome them with ease and for that we want to thank our entire Cyber-Team.


Thank you to the GOD & The higher-powers that be for blessing us and allowing us to live another day to share music with family and friends. We also would like to thank you and show appreciation for the gifts you have bestowed upon us to make people dance and smile even if for a moment through the gift of music.

Personal acknowledgement to Catherine Harris Rowell

Big Big thanks to my partner and best friend Catherine Harris Rowell for all the hard work in arranging this marathon,creating our line-up,promoting and for having patience with me and the rest of the team.We truly appreciate you and this is one of the reasons why we’ve selected you as our Vice President of our company and on a personal level,I want to thank you for being one of the best business partners I’ve have ever worked with or have had in many years.Catherine, your professionalism and attention to detail is what makes you so special and I’m glad GOD put you in my daily life.

Cyber-Team & music programmers acknowledgements:

Thank you and hugs to my Cyber-Team ,without you guys ,we couldn’t take a break to do other things behind the scenes. Thank you Mark McAden , RescuePoetix and Sheila Johnson for making sure everyone was on the same page and present to do their slots respectively. We needed the breaks in between and you guys made it possible for Catherine and I.

To my deejay’s that participated in this music marathon,thank you and you All bought your “A” game and played some serious music.To those music programmers that didn’t participate but showed the rest of us some love and support,you guys will forever be a part of team and what we do.

We Love you guys.


Last but not least,we would like to thank YOU ! the music lovers,sponsors and past music programmers that continue to trust us to deliver to you the best in music excellence since 2003 by way of Cyberjamz Internet Radio.Without you guys we can’t keep or muisic culture alive.

We say thank you and we love you !

*If you would like to experince the marathon all over again or check out your favorite music programmer in action,check out the archive section.

We are still accepting donations for our server. if you would like to donate any amount please use this link:


thanks in advance,

SammyRock & Catherine Harris Rowell
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