May 17

Spotlight on producer Dj Phantom (Edits) Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

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PANT ONETo those that asked me where can they find Walter Phant Ellison – Dj Phantom aka Ghostie music,

Here are a list of remixes and mixes he as done for both Cyberjamz and Toupee Records.Thanks for the support.

Home 2 – Mr.Luther – Dj Phantom Edits. Toupee Records. http://bit.ly/2ofWnb8

Shame (Part 2) – Dj Phantom Edit Mixes

War Bells – Dj Phantom – http://bit.ly/2qRvzC0

Your Access Is Denied – Seductive Sapphire (DJ Phantom Mix) http://bit.ly/2pU6B0A

It Happened At Night – YoungDJ feat. Sheila Johnson Seductive Sapphire Toupee Records – (Ghostie’s Mix) – http://bit.ly/2qrCWhZ

Musical Notes – The Dj Phantom Edits (Part 2)
Seductive Sapphire, http://bit.ly/2rfkPwU

She Says (There is a Place) – Harold Brandon (IBB) Brandon Dee part 2 Remixes – http://bit.ly/2qRGk7u DJ Phantom Edit

She Says (There is a Place) – Harold Brandon (IBB).
part 3 Remixes DJ Phantom Techy Edit http://bit.ly/2qsn5QW

Naked Soul Part 2 – Vanessa L. Smith
DJ Phantom’s Just For You To See Mix – http://bit.ly/2rqWwJF

Pick em all up also at Juno Download – http://junodownload.com

Thanks for the support !!

Producer and booking info contact.