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View Hands to the Sky – A Documentary about our House Music experience and outdoor events avail for sale June 28,2015

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A documentary about The uplifting and spirited experience of outdoor house
music movement now available for purchase  starting June 28,2015

watch the trailer and info here:

www.vimeo.com/ondemand/htts    or Rent : 5.99 Buy 14.99









About film/documentry:


“Hands to the Sky” Documentary Turns A Lens on Deejays, Musicians, Fans and Feelings Inspired by Outdoor House Music Dance Parties

“Everybody loves the sunshine, sunshine
Folks get down in the sunshine, sunshine…”
–Roy Ayers, Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Sizzling-hot asphalt steamy from gushing fire hydrants…strains of ice cream truck melodies in the breeze tanning on a “tar beach” — these memes carry, embrace and inform the spirit of the summer in the city. My House Rocs, a Queens-based production company with its ear to the street, further frames the zeitgeist of urban summers with Hands to the Sky, a 85-minute documentary exploring what the executive producer Domingo Canate describes as, “the uplifting and spirited experience of the outdoor House Music movement.”

From its origins in inner-city underground clubs in the late 1970s, to its influence on the 2012 Grammy Awards performance of, “Beautiful People,” House Music’s raw and emotional expressions of love, pride, acceptance and unity (against a funky 4/4 beat) strike a universal chord among fiercely-loyal fans who can be found the world over, of any age and speaking in just about every human language.

Over a two-year period, My House Rocs followed this music out of the clubs and house parties and into the parks and beaches where an estimated 100,000 House Music fans gather to dance, commune and rejoice in the summer heat. From Coney Island to Fort Greene Park to various public spaces in and around New York City, Hands to the Sky interviews dancers, event promoters, deejays and performers who share personal, often poignant anecdotes and recollections of how House Music in general, and these outdoor functions specifically, have shaped their worldviews, established lasting relationships and inspired dreams and aspirations.

With a scorching original music score composed by noted writer/arranger Erik Talbert, “Hands to the Sky” is a film documentary that chronicles the outdoor Soulful House Music scene and its origins. It features such House Music progressives as Fort Greene Park’s Soul Summit; the legendary Frankie Knuckles; British-born founder of Harlem’s Sundae Sermon dance party DJ Stormin’ Norman; record executive Wayne Williams, noted for bringing disco to Chicago’s South Side and founder of Chicago’s Chosen Few Picnic and Pernell Morrison who under the production brand “The Black Underground” pioneered the House music events at the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Having recently been screened as a part of New York’s City Parks Foundation Summerstage’s Tribute to Frankie Knuckles on June 22, 2014 Hands to the Sky was first shown at the 2012 Winter Music Conference at the Dorchester Hotel, March 23 and at the Miami Beach Cinemateque on March 24. In New York City, it played to a packed house at Dixon Place, a long-running and widely-respected laboratory for the performing arts. The Brooklyn Museum Target First Saturday tapped the film to be part its tribute to the late artist Keith Haring, who discovered and celebrated House Music via his friendship with Paradise Garage deejay Larry Levan. Additional screenings included The Paradox Club in Baltimore on June 30 and Machine Nightclub in Boston on July 15.


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